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If you like to supporting us, the simplest one is just share about this blog to everyone, we are more than happy to hear more people know good thing about this blog especially about Indonesia, Well as we said  Be Adventurous And Get Excited!

Interested Supporting Us And Or Advertising?

If you want to leverage the credibility and respected voice of a key social media influencer within the travel community, you might found us usefull.

As one of Indonesian independent travel blogs, there are many skills and services can offer to brands, tourist boards, and individuals looking to increase their brand or blog’s exposure! offer banners ads, reviews, social media advertising, and more anything that fit your needs.

1. Product Reviews

Sometimes I write a review of product for free, if I feel love using it or it can be paid review too. But, mostly I write a review of a product that I have tried, used, loved and feel positive about it. We will be glad to share it with others!

The product review stuff will be appears as one of our blog posts on the main page, so everyone who reads idbackpacker will also read it when tho post are published and the post will never be deleted.

2. Banners Advertisements

a. Right or Left banner (scaled to 165px × 600px) available in monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year (rate contact us, negotiable).
b. Button banner (scaled to 125px × 125px) available in monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year (rate contact us, negotiable).

3. Tweets on Twitter & Fan Page Facebook

We also offer a sponsored tweet on our twitter @idbcpr, the instagram @idbcpr and it’s official facebook page about your product or service. Send us inquiry for the rate.

4. Travel blogger media trips or press trips.

We would love to spread the inspiring story of our journeys to our reader. So for any invitation just send email to us.

5. Donating

If you feel this travel blog usefull, and you happy with it, you can also help us by donating some. We always looking for sponsors who are willing to help us seeing the world.

How Much?

Each product, service and business might has different needs and opportunities, and we can work on case by case basis with our advertisers. We will also include detailed feedback about how the campaign went if requested.

So if you have a product or service that you think might be a match, a will to donating some, or even simply help financing for Please send the payment and/or donate to:

BCA (Bank Central Asia)
Acc No : 0900 – 997 – 167


Any questions or inquiries, I’d be happy if you contact me trought this email : [email protected]. we can send you some answer with details you need.

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