Engaku-ji Temple

Engakuji Temple

Engakuji Temple, located in Kamakura, japan, is one of the country’s most important Zen temples. It was established in 1282 to commemorate those who fought and gave their lives defending Japan against the Mongol invasions of 1274 and 1281. Since its founding, Engakuji Temple has played a significant role in Japanese history and culture.

The temple holds a prominent position in the Rinzai Zen sect and continues to be an important center for Zen meditation and practice. It is also a popular destination for locals and travelers alike, especially during the autumn season when the maple leaves on the temple grounds turn a deep red, creating a breathtaking sight.

To reach Engakuji Temple, visitors can take a one-minute walk from JR Kita Kamakura Station, which is just one stop north of JR Kamakura Station on the JR Yokosuka Line. The temple’s accessibility makes it a convenient destination for those exploring the Kamakura area.

Engakuji Temple has a rich history and is home to several important cultural and historical treasures. The temple was founded by the regent Hojo Tokimune in 1282 and has since been designated as a National Treasure by the Japanese government. One of the most significant buildings within the temple complex is the Shariden Hall, where it is believed that the Buddha’s bones are enshrined. This hall is only open to the public for three days in November, including Culture Day, but due to the large crowds that gather, it can be challenging to gain access. Nevertheless, visitors can still catch glimpses of the hall from afar throughout the year.

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Another notable feature of Engakuji Temple is its massive temple bell, which was cast in the 14th century. The bell hangs near the gate and serves as a symbol of the temple’s long history and spiritual significance. Additionally, the Shozokuin building, which has stood since the temple’s founding, continues to be used for its original purpose of training monks.

Engakuji Temple offers visitors the opportunity to participate in Zen meditations held on the second and fourth Sunday mornings of each month. These meditations provide a unique insight into the practice of Zen Buddhism and allow participants to experience moments of tranquility and self-reflection. It is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot as sessions are conducted in Japanese.

The temple’s serene atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make it an ideal place for spiritual contemplation and relaxation. The autumn season, in particular, is a popular time to visit Engakuji Temple, as the vibrant red maple leaves create a stunning backdrop against the temple’s traditional architecture.

In conclusion, Engakuji Temple is a significant cultural and historical site in Japan. Its establishment in the 13th century to honor those who defended the country reflects its deep roots in Japanese history and culture. Today, the temple continues to serve as a center for Zen meditation and practice, attracting both locals and travelers seeking spiritual enlightenment and tranquility. With its beautiful architecture, serene atmosphere, and stunning autumn foliage, Engakuji Temple is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

Address And Maps Location:

409 Yamanouchi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken

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