Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Visit the center of dinosaur research in japan

Driving through the city of Katsuyama, you’ll notice a large silver egg-shaped building in the hills. This is the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, the center of dinosaur research in Japan and recognized as one of the greatest dinosaur museums in the world. It’s the biggest in Japan, making it one of Fukui’s most popular tourist destinations with 900,000 people visiting annually.

The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is not just a regular museum; it is a place where visitors can truly immerse themselves in the world of dinosaurs. From the moment you step inside, you will be transported back in time to when these magnificent creatures roamed the Earth. The museum is home to a vast collection of dinosaur fossils, skeletons, and exhibits that provide a comprehensive look into the history of these prehistoric creatures.

One of the highlights of the museum is the Dinosaur World exhibition. This exhibition features close to 50 dinosaur skeletons, including a 7.2-meter tall Tyrannosaurus Rex robot that guards the entrance. Visitors can marvel at the size and scale of these ancient creatures as they wander through the exhibit. The skeletons and fossils on display are not replicas; they are original specimens that have been carefully preserved and curated for visitors to enjoy.

In addition to the Dinosaur World exhibition, the museum also offers a range of other exhibits that delve into the science and history of dinosaurs. The Earth Sciences exhibition provides a fascinating look into how life came to exist on Earth through interactive displays and videos. Visitors can learn about the different geological periods and the evolution of life through hands-on experiences.

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The History of Earth exhibition takes visitors on a journey through time, showcasing the evolution of life from the earliest organisms to the present day. This exhibition features fossils, dinosaur models, and the skeletons of prehistoric mammals such as elks and mammoths. The panoramic view from the second floor offers a breathtaking perspective of the entire exhibition.

For those interested in the scientific aspect of dinosaur research, the museum also has a Fossil Preparation Lab. Here, visitors can observe technicians as they clean and prepare fossils found at the nearby Kitadani Quarry excavation site. It is a unique opportunity to see the meticulous work that goes into studying these ancient remains.

The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is not just about static exhibits; it also offers a range of interactive experiences. From spring to autumn, visitors can participate in excavation experiences where they can dig for fossils and learn about the process of uncovering these ancient treasures. Special exhibitions are also staged throughout the year, providing visitors with a chance to explore different aspects of dinosaur research and discovery.

After exploring the museum, visitors can take a break at the dinosaur-themed restaurant located on the third floor. Here, they can enjoy a meal surrounded by dinosaur-themed decorations and artifacts. It is the perfect way to end a day of exploring and learning about these fascinating creatures.

Getting to the museum is easy. It is accessible by bus or taxi from Katsuyama Station. Visitors can take the community bus bound for Nagaoyama and get off at Kyoryu Hakubutsukan-mae, which takes about 20 minutes. Alternatively, a taxi ride will get you there slightly faster. The museum is open during the daytime, and visitors must enter by 4:30 p.m. It is open every day from the end of July until the end of August, but closed on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month and from December 31 to January 1.

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In conclusion, the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is a must-visit destination for dinosaur enthusiasts and anyone interested in the history of our planet. With its impressive collection of dinosaur fossils, interactive exhibits, and immersive experiences, it offers a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Whether you are a child or an adult, a visit to this museum will leave you in awe of these magnificent creatures that once ruled the Earth. So, if you find yourself in Fukui, don’t miss the chance to visit this incredible center of dinosaur research.

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51-11 Muroko-cho Terao, Katsuyama-shi, Fukui-ken, Fukui-ken

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