Mori Garden

Mohri Garden

A stunning garden and house and a museum full of National Treasures once owned by a ruling samurai clan

The Mohri Residence, located in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a magnificent estate that was once the home of the Mohri family, the former rulers of the Choshu Domain. This historic residence is nestled within a breathtaking garden that exudes tranquility and beauty. Visitors to the Mohri Residence will have the opportunity to explore the winding paths of the garden and learn about the rich history of the clan that has governed this region for centuries.

The Mohri Residence is a testament to the grandeur and opulence of the samurai clans that once ruled over japan. As you walk through the rooms of the residence, you will be transported back in time to the era of the samurai. The architecture and design of the residence is a stunning example of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, with intricate woodwork and elegant sliding doors. Each room tells a story of the Mohri family’s legacy and their role in shaping the history of the Choshu Domain.

One of the highlights of a visit to the Mohri Residence is the Mohri Museum, which houses a collection of National Treasures that once belonged to the Mohri family. These treasures are a testament to the wealth and influence of the clan, and offer a glimpse into the art and culture of the samurai era. From exquisite ceramics to intricate lacquerware, the museum showcases the finest examples of Japanese craftsmanship.

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The garden surrounding the Mohri Residence is a masterpiece in itself. Designed in the 19th and 20th centuries, the garden is a stunning example of Japanese garden design. As you wander through the garden, you will be greeted by the sight of beautifully manicured shrubs, carefully arranged rocks, and serene ponds. The garden is meticulously maintained throughout the year, with seasonal plants and flowers adding bursts of color and fragrance to the landscape.

One of the best times to visit the Mohri Garden is during the autumn season, when the leaves on the trees change color. The garden is known for its vibrant display of autumn foliage, with shades of red, orange, and yellow painting the landscape. The tranquil atmosphere of the garden, combined with the stunning colors of the autumn leaves, creates a truly magical experience for visitors.

To reach the Mohri Residence, you can take a bus from Hofu Station. From the north exit of the station, you can board the Bocho Bus bound for Amidaji and alight at the Mohri Hontei Iriguchi bus stop. From there, it is just a short five-minute walk to the residence. The convenience of public transportation makes it easy for visitors to access this historic site.

In conclusion, a visit to the Mohri Residence is a journey back in time to the era of the samurai. The stunning garden, the opulent house, and the museum full of National Treasures all offer a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Choshu Domain. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, a visit to the Mohri Residence is an experience that should not be missed. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the samurai era and discover the legacy of the Mohri family.

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1-15-1 Tatara, Hofu-shi, Yamaguchi-ken

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