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Moji Port

A port with Western-influenced architecture from a past age of prosperity and modernization

Moji Port is a historical port located in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, japan. It is known for its Western-influenced architecture that dates back to a time of prosperity and modernization. The port area is particularly attractive at night, with its beautifully illuminated buildings that showcase the advanced design and technology of their time.

To get to Moji Port, one can take the JR Kagoshima Main Line from Kokura Station to Mojiko Station, which is only a 13-minute train ride away. Mojiko Station is conveniently located within walking distance of the various sights around Moji Port.

The history of Moji Port is closely tied to its role as a coal exporting hub and its proximity to China. In 1889, the port area was designated a Special National Port, attracting many financial institutions and merchant companies to the area. As a result, modern buildings were constructed, and the port flourished.

During this period of prosperity, many historic buildings were built along the waterfront. These buildings were designed with Western influences and served as symbols of the town’s wealth and modernization. Despite the decline of the coal industry and continental trade, many of these buildings have survived to this day.

One of the notable buildings in Moji Port is the Former Moji Customs Office. This building, constructed in the early 20th century, is a fine example of Western architecture and served as the main customs office for the port. Today, it is open to visitors and houses a museum that showcases the history of the port and its role in international trade.

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Another iconic building in Moji Port is the Former Osaka Shosen Building. Built in 1917, this building is designed in the Secession style, which was popular in Germany and Austria during the 19th century. It served as the main office for the Osaka Shosen Kaisha, a shipping company that played a significant role in the port’s growth. The building is now open to the public and houses a gallery that exhibits artwork and artifacts related to the port’s history.

In addition to these historic buildings, Moji Port has many other attractions that draw visitors from all over Japan. The area is home to numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops where visitors can enjoy local cuisine and purchase souvenirs. There are also several museums and libraries that provide further insights into the history and culture of the port.

For those who want to enjoy panoramic views of Moji Port, the Mojiko Retro Observation Room is a must-visit. Located on the top floor of the Mojiko Retro Building, this observation room offers stunning views of the port and its surrounding area. It is a perfect spot to appreciate the beauty of the port and take memorable photos.

Overall, Moji Port is a place of historical significance and architectural beauty. Its Western-influenced buildings tell the story of a bygone era of prosperity and modernization. Whether it’s exploring the historic buildings, enjoying local cuisine, or simply taking in the scenic views, a visit to Moji Port is a journey back in time and an opportunity to experience the charm of a port town with a rich history.

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