Mori Art Museum

Mori Art Museum

Mori Art Museum: A Hub for Contemporary Art and Global Perspectives


Located on the 53rd floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo, japan, the Mori Art Museum stands as one of Roppongi’s most iconic cultural institutions. With its focus on contemporary art and its global outlook, the museum presents cutting-edge visual arts, architecture, design, and other modes of creative practice from around the world. Through its unique viewpoint, the Mori Art Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.

Don’t Miss:

As you explore the Mori Art Museum, there are several experiences that you shouldn’t miss. One of these is having a meal at the Museum Cafe & Restaurant “THE SUN & THE MOON”. This dining establishment offers magnificent views of the cityscape, providing a breathtaking backdrop as you enjoy your meal. Additionally, don’t forget to visit the Museum Shops, where you can find one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs to commemorate your visit to this extraordinary museum.

How to Get There:

Reaching the Mori Art Museum is convenient and accessible. The museum is located near Roppongi Station, which can be easily reached by subway. The closest subway lines are the Hibiya Line and Oedo Line, making it convenient for visitors to navigate their way to the museum.

Home to Works from the Biggest Names in the Contemporary Art World:

The Mori Art Museum has gained recognition for showcasing works by some of the biggest names in the contemporary art world. Artists such as Ai Weiwei and Bill Viola have had their works displayed in this prestigious museum. However, the Mori Art Museum is not limited to featuring international artists. It also serves as a proponent of art from the asia-Pacific region, with a collection that mainly consists of art from Japan and the surrounding region.

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Showcasing a Wide Variety of Programs:

In addition to its large-scale, originally-curated exhibitions, the Mori Art Museum organizes a series of smaller-scaled programs that offer a more intimate and focused experience. One of these programs is the “MAM Collection,” which introduces visitors to the museum’s own collection of artworks. Through this program, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the museum’s artistic direction and the significance of the works it houses.

Another program is “MAM Screen,” which showcases video works by contemporary artists. This program provides a unique platform for artists to experiment with the medium of video and explore new possibilities for artistic expression. Additionally, the Mori Art Museum organizes “MAM Research,” an exhibition that focuses on exhibiting materials rather than artworks. This program delves into the research and documentation behind the creation of artworks, shedding light on the artistic process itself.

Lastly, the museum conducts “MAM Projects,” which involve collaborations with artists from all over the world. Through these experimental projects, the Mori Art Museum pushes the boundaries of contemporary art and encourages artists to explore innovative ideas and concepts.

Art + Life: Making Contemporary Art Accessible:

With its motto “Art + Life,” the Mori Art Museum aims to make contemporary art more accessible to a wider audience. In addition to its exhibitions and programs within the museum, the Mori Art Museum also supervises works of public art at Roppongi Hills and Toranomon Hills. By integrating art into public spaces, the museum creates opportunities for people to encounter art in their daily lives, blurring the boundaries between art and the ordinary.

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Furthermore, the Mori Art Museum actively collaborates with the local community to organize art events and initiatives. By engaging with the community, the museum fosters a sense of ownership and participation in the arts, encouraging individuals to explore their own creativity and artistic potential.

Extended Hours for Art Enjoyment:

To accommodate the busy schedules of visitors, the Mori Art Museum remains open until late in the evenings, with the exception of Tuesdays. This extended opening hours policy allows individuals to enjoy art after work or after dinner, providing a unique and immersive experience that transcends the constraints of traditional museum hours. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor from abroad, the Mori Art Museum offers a flexible and accessible platform for art appreciation.


In conclusion, the Mori Art Museum stands as a beacon of contemporary art in the heart of Roppongi, Tokyo. With its global outlook and commitment to presenting cutting-edge creative practices, the museum offers visitors a unique and enriching experience. From its exhibitions to its programs and collaborations, the Mori Art Museum strives to make contemporary art accessible to all, encouraging dialogue, exploration, and inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or someone new to the world of contemporary art, a visit to the Mori Art Museum is sure to leave a lasting impression and ignite a passion for artistic expression.

Address And Maps Location:

53F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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