Aomori Shirakami Area

Shirakami Sanchi (Aomori)

Wilderness primeval, calling to intrepid trekkers and outdoor lovers everywhere

The Shirakami Sanchi mountain range is a breathtaking destination that borders two northern prefectures in japan, Akita and Aomori. It encompasses Japan’s largest virgin beech forest and is recognized as one of Japan’s first two UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites. This pristine and untouched paradise covers more than 130,000 hectares and offers a diverse range of natural wonders, including peaks, lakes, trails, gorges, and valleys. For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the Shirakami Sanchi area is a hiker’s paradise.

One of the prime destinations in the Shirakami Sanchi area is the Juniko lakes. The Juniko lakes, also known as the “Twelve Lakes,” are a group of 33 lakes and marshes that are surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Each lake has its unique characteristics and charm, making it a must-visit for anyone exploring the area. The lakes offer a peaceful and serene environment, perfect for leisurely walks and picnics.

Another must-visit location in the Shirakami Sanchi area is Anmon Falls. Anmon Falls is a series of three waterfalls that cascade down the mountainside, creating a spectacular sight to behold. The falls are surrounded by lush greenery and provide a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visitors can hike along the trails that lead to the falls and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

For those seeking a more challenging adventure, the Mt. Shirakami Trail is a popular choice. This trail offers a rigorous hike up the mountainside, providing stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The trail is suitable for experienced hikers and offers a rewarding experience for those who reach the summit. The trail is also a great way to immerse oneself in nature and witness the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit the area.

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In addition to the natural wonders, the Shirakami Sanchi area is also home to cultural and historical sites. One such site is the Dairakyo Gorge, which is famous for its scenic beauty and rock formations. The gorge is particularly popular during the fall season when the leaves change color, creating a vibrant and picturesque landscape. Visitors can explore the gorge by walking along the designated trails and taking in the breathtaking views.

To fully appreciate the beauty and significance of the Shirakami Sanchi area, it is recommended to visit the Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center and the Shirakami World Heritage Center. These centers provide valuable information about the area’s history, ecology, and conservation efforts. While most of the information is available in Japanese, there are also materials available in English, ensuring that visitors can learn about the area’s rich heritage.

Getting to the Shirakami Sanchi area is relatively easy. Visitors can take a train and bus to get close to the area, but renting a car is the best option for exploring the region. From Hirosaki Station in Aomori Prefecture, the Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center is only an hour away by the Konan bus bound for Tsugaru-Toge. However, it is important to note that some specific destinations may require additional walking from the nearest station.

When visiting the Shirakami Sanchi area, it is essential to be respectful of the environment and follow the designated trails. The area is a protected UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, and it is crucial to preserve its natural beauty for future generations to enjoy. Visitors should also be prepared for outdoor activities and dress accordingly, as weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains.

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In conclusion, the Shirakami Sanchi area is a pristine and untouched wilderness that offers a wealth of natural wonders for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. From the breathtaking Juniko lakes to the majestic Anmon Falls and the challenging Mt. Shirakami Trail, there is something for everyone in this hiker’s paradise. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, the Shirakami Sanchi area is a must-visit destination. So put on your hiking shoes, explore the trails, and experience the grandeur of this remarkable UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

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