Spa Resort Hawaiians

Spa Resort Hawaiians

Relax in this huge all-in-one entertainment, shopping, and onsen leisure center with a Hawaiian twist. Spa Resort Hawaiians, located in Jobanfujiwara-machi, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima-ken, japan, is a unique destination that offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Originally created to boost the local economy after the decline of the coal industry, the resort has become a popular tourist destination, attracting both domestic and international travelers.

One of the main highlights of Spa Resort Hawaiians is the famous Hula Girls, a performance group that inspired the 2006 hit movie of the same name. These talented dancers and musicians perform daily at the resort’s Water Park’s Beach Theater in an ensemble Polynesian show. The Hula Girls have a special place in the heart of the local people, as they played a significant role in promoting tourism to Iwaki after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster.

But the Hula Girls are not the only attraction at Spa Resort Hawaiians. The resort features a wide range of hot springs and pools, allowing visitors to relax and rejuvenate in the healing waters. One of the highlights is the Edo Jowa Yoichi onsen, which is the largest outdoor bath in Japan. This impressive bathhouse covers an area of 1,000 square meters and is fed by natural hot springs that the region is famous for.

For those looking for more excitement, the resort offers two themed spas and water parks. The Edo Jowa Yoichi is built in the style of an 18th-century bathhouse and is a perfect place to immerse yourself in history while enjoying the hot springs. The water park, on the other hand, offers a tropical paradise with water slides, wading pools, and even a restaurant and shopping strip called Aloha Town, which recreates the ambiance of 1960s Hawaiian shopfronts.

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If relaxation and pampering are what you seek, Spa Resort Hawaiians has got you covered. The Spring Park, located on the third to fifth floors of the resort, features various hot spring sections and outdoor spa areas where you can soak in the sun. For those looking for salon services, beauty treatments, and massages, ViR Port is the place to go. Here, you can indulge in a wide range of treatments and therapies to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Getting to Spa Resort Hawaiians is easy, thanks to its convenient location and excellent transportation options. From Tokyo, you can take a two-hour ride on the limited express Hitachi to Yumoto Station, and from there, a free shuttle bus will take you to the resort in just 15 minutes. If you’re coming from Yokohama or other parts of Tokyo, you can also reserve a free bus for hotel guests. The resort is easily accessible by public transport, making it a convenient option for both domestic and international travelers.

In addition to the resort itself, there are also several attractions and points of interest in the surrounding areas. Yumoto, the town where Spa Resort Hawaiians is located, is known for its hot springs. One of the notable hot springs in the area is the Iwaki Yumoto Onsen, which is one of the three oldest onsen in Japan. Closer to Yumoto Station, you can visit the Coal and Fossil Museum, which showcases the coal mining industry and exhibits fossils and dinosaur bones that were discovered in the area during the coal mining boom.

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If you’re interested in exploring further, Aquamarine Fukushima is another popular attraction in the region. Although the bus service between Spa Resort Hawaiians and Aquamarine Fukushima is currently suspended, the aquarium is worth a visit if you have the opportunity. It features several recreated natural outdoor habitats and is a great place to learn about the marine life of Fukushima.

For those interested in history and culture, a visit to the Shiramizu Amida-do temple is highly recommended. Located a bit further from Spa Resort Hawaiians, this 12th-century temple is a designated Japanese National Treasure and the only one to be recognized as such in Fukushima Prefecture. The serene and beautiful surroundings make it a perfect place for reflection and contemplation.

Overall, Spa Resort Hawaiians offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, entertainment, or cultural immersion, this all-in-one leisure center has something for everyone. From the famous Hula Girls to the wide range of hot springs, water parks, and cultural attractions, you’ll find plenty of reasons to visit this Hawaiian-themed paradise.

As with any travel destination, it’s important to note that the information provided may be subject to change due to COVID-19. Therefore, it’s advisable to check the latest updates and guidelines before planning your visit to Spa Resort Hawaiians. With its diverse offerings and warm hospitality, this resort is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits. So why wait? Start planning your trip to Spa Resort Hawaiians and get ready to relax, have fun, and immerse yourself in the Hawaiian spirit in the heart of Japan.

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50 Warabidaira, Jobanfujiwara-machi, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima-ken

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