Sumida Park

Sumida Park

This riverside park provides a quiet respite after Asakusa’s crowds. After exploring the bustling streets of Asakusa, visitors can find solace in the serene and tranquil Sumida Park. Located along the picturesque Sumida River, this green space offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. With its stunning views of Tokyo Skytree towering above the landscape, Sumida Park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

To get to Sumida Park, there are several transportation options available. One can easily reach the park by train or taxi. Asakusa Station, which is serviced by the Ginza, Asakusa, and Tobu Isesaki lines, is just a five-minute walk from the park’s entrance. The park stretches along both sides of the Sumida River, providing ample space for visitors to explore and enjoy the scenery.

As visitors enter the park, they will be greeted by a narrow stretch of greenery that runs between the Azumabashi and Sakurabashi bridges. Walking under the shade of the trees, one can admire the modern sculptures that dot the park. One notable sculpture is the Green Planet, which resembles a colander. This unique artwork has become a popular spot for capturing unusual photographs of Tokyo Skytree. Additionally, Sumida Park boasts a large playground that is perfect for children to enjoy.

From the park, visitors can also catch a glimpse of the iconic Asahi Beer Tower across the river. Designed to resemble a mug of beer overflowing with foam, this distinctive building adds to the charm of the park’s surroundings. Moreover, right by the park’s entrance, there is a docking bay for the Tokyo Water Bus. This convenient mode of transportation allows visitors to explore other popular attractions such as Hamarikyu Gardens, Odaiba, and more.

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One of the highlights of Sumida Park is its cherry blossoms. During the spring season, the park is transformed into a magical wonderland as delicate cherry blossoms bloom across its grounds. It is said that these cherry trees were planted by shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune, adding a historical touch to the park’s natural beauty. Visitors can stroll along the pathways, admiring the vibrant pink flowers and experiencing the enchanting atmosphere of hanami, the traditional Japanese custom of flower viewing.

Another event that draws crowds to Sumida Park is the summer fireworks show. In late July, the park becomes one of the best vantage points to witness Tokyo’s most popular fireworks display. The vibrant colors and dazzling explosions light up the night sky, creating a breathtaking spectacle that attracts both locals and tourists. The combination of the fireworks and the park’s serene surroundings provides a truly memorable experience.

In conclusion, Sumida Park offers a tranquil retreat in the heart of Asakusa. With its stunning views of Tokyo Skytree, serene riverside location, and abundance of cherry blossoms, the park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful escape from the city. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll under the trees, capturing unique photographs of the skyline, or immersing oneself in the beauty of cherry blossoms, Sumida Park provides a serene and picturesque setting that is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, make sure to include this hidden gem in your itinerary when exploring Tokyo.

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1-2-5 Mukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo-to

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