Yamato Museum

Yamato Museum

A museum all about shipbuilding and the largest warship ever launched


The Yamato Museum in Kure, a port town near Hiroshima, is a fascinating destination for anyone interested in the history of shipbuilding and naval warfare. This museum is dedicated to the battleship Yamato, which was not only the largest warship in the world but also the most heavily armed. Launched in 1940, the Yamato was a staggering 263 meters long and had nine 18.1-inch main guns, the biggest ever mounted on a ship. In this article, we will explore the various exhibits and attractions of the Yamato Museum, as well as delve into the history of this impressive warcraft.

How to Get There

Located in Kure, the Yamato Museum is easily accessible by train. Visitors can take the JR Kure Line and get off at Kure Station, which is just a five-minute walk from the museum. If you are coming from Hiroshima, it will take approximately 50 minutes to reach Kure Station. The museum’s convenient location makes it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

The Sinking of the Ship

Despite its size and fearsome weaponry, the Yamato met a tragic fate during World War II. On April 7, 1945, the ship was sunk by American forces during the Battle of Okinawa. However, the museum has managed to recreate the Yamato through a painstakingly accurate 1:10 scale model. This model, constructed using blueprints, photographs, and drawings, serves as the centerpiece of the museum and allows visitors to get a sense of the grandeur and power of the original warship.

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The Large-Objects Exhibition Room

In addition to the Yamato model, the museum also houses a collection of authentic relics from World War II. One of the most notable exhibits is a Zero Fighter Type 62 airplane, which was a primary fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. The museum also displays a Kaiten human torpedo, a suicide weapon utilized by the Japanese Navy during the war. These artifacts serve as a reminder of the devastating impact of war and the importance of striving for peace.

Looking to the Future

While the Yamato Museum pays homage to the past, it also looks towards the future of shipbuilding. The museum features sections dedicated to shipbuilding technology and future prospects. One of the highlights is a CGI version of the Yamato, which allows visitors to envision how shipbuilding techniques may evolve in the coming years. By exploring these advancements, the museum encourages visitors to consider the possibilities of a more peaceful and technologically advanced future.


The Yamato Museum in Kure offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for anyone interested in naval history and shipbuilding. From the massive Yamato model to the collection of World War II relics, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the impact of war and the advancements in shipbuilding technology. By exploring the past and looking towards the future, the museum prompts us to reflect on the importance of peace and progress. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply curious about the world’s largest warship, a visit to the Yamato Museum is a must.

Address And Maps Location:

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5-20 Takara-machi, Kure-shi, Hiroshima-ken

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