Aso Volcano Museum

Aso Volcano Museum

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The Aso Volcano Museum offers a great insight into Japanese volcanoes and is a top choice for geography enthusiasts. Located in Kusasenri with a view of the often smoking Nakadake crater, visitors can also watch what’s going on with the live video cameras, which take you deep into the crater. On the third floor, you can watch films on topics such as ‘Exploring the Secrets of the Eruption’ and ‘Life and Culture in Aso’.

The Aso Volcano Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in learning about volcanoes and their impact on the environment. The museum is located in Kusasenri, a picturesque area with a stunning view of the Nakadake crater. The museum offers a unique opportunity to witness the power and beauty of nature up close.

One of the main attractions of the museum is the live video cameras that provide a real-time view of the Nakadake crater. Visitors can watch the volcanic activity and see the smoke rising from the crater. This allows them to have a better understanding of the volcanic processes and the impact they have on the surrounding environment.

In addition to the live video cameras, the museum also offers informative films on various topics related to volcanoes. These films provide a deeper insight into the secrets of volcanic eruptions and the life and culture in the Aso region. Visitors can learn about the geological processes that lead to volcanic eruptions and the effects they have on the local communities.

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The Aso Volcano Museum is also known for its interactive exhibits that engage visitors of all ages. The museum has games and activities that educate and entertain, making it a great destination for families. Younger visitors can learn about the different types of volcanoes and how they are formed, while older visitors can delve into the scientific aspects of volcanic activity.

The museum also offers audio guides in multiple languages, allowing visitors from around the world to fully understand the exhibits. Most of the display information is in Japanese, but the audio guides provide translations in English, Chinese, Korean, and French. This ensures that visitors can fully appreciate the exhibits and gain a comprehensive understanding of the Aso region’s volcanic history.

On the ground floor of the museum, visitors can find the Mt. Aso Visitor Centre, where they can learn more about the unique flora and fauna of the area. The visitor center provides information on hiking trails and other outdoor activities that visitors can explore after their visit to the museum. The center also houses a café and a souvenir shop, where visitors can relax and purchase mementos of their visit.

The Aso Volcano Museum is easily accessible by car. It is located about 75 minutes west of Kumamoto via National Route 145 and 299. There is paid parking available in front of the museum for visitors who choose to drive. Alternatively, visitors can also take a bus from JR Aso Station, which stops in front of the museum. The bus ride takes approximately 20 minutes and provides a convenient option for those who prefer public transportation.

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The Aso region is known for its stunning natural beauty, and visitors to the museum can take advantage of this by exploring the local area. From an easy walk along the Kusasenri plain to a challenging mountain climb, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Visitors can pick up a free walking map at the museum and embark on their own adventure.

It is important to note that weather conditions can change rapidly in the Aso region, especially during winter. Visitors should check weather reports and dress accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. After a day of exploring, visitors can indulge in the local cuisine at the nearby restaurants. Cafeteria-style restaurants serving buffets and the local specialty, horse meat, are just a few doors down from the museum.

In conclusion, the Aso Volcano Museum is a fascinating destination for anyone interested in volcanoes and their impact on the environment. With its live video cameras, informative films, interactive exhibits, and stunning views of the Nakadake crater, the museum offers a unique and educational experience. Visitors can learn about the secrets of volcanic eruptions, the life and culture in the Aso region, and explore the beautiful surroundings. Whether you are a geography enthusiast or simply curious about the power of nature, a visit to the Aso Volcano Museum is a must.

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