Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park

Takasakiyama Monkey Park

Get up close to the wild and fuzzy locals at this fun and educational park

Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park is a unique and exciting attraction located in the western end of the city of Oita, on the steep slopes of the mountain. This popular park is home to more than 1,000 wild Japanese monkeys, also known as snow monkeys, who come down from the mountain to gather at the park every day. What sets this park apart is that there are no nets or fences separating visitors from these simians, allowing you to wander among them at will. However, it is important to note that feeding the monkeys, looking them in the eye, or attempting to touch them is strictly prohibited.

Don’t Miss
One of the highlights of visiting Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park is watching swarms of monkeys scramble down the mountain to the park. It is a fascinating sight to see these playful creatures descend from the trees and make their way towards the park. The wardens at the park also provide a unique opportunity to witness the feeding of the monkeys. Seeing the monkeys eagerly gather around for their meals is a delightful experience that shouldn’t be missed.

How to Get There
Reaching Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park is convenient and straightforward. The park is just a short 10-minute bus or taxi ride away from Beppu Station. Beppu Station is easily accessible by limited express train from Hakata, Oita, Miyazaki, Hitoyoshi, and neighboring areas. Once you arrive at Beppu Station, you can take bus number AS60 or AS61, bound for Oita Station, and get off at Takasakiyama-Umitamago. The bus runs approximately once every hour, so taking a taxi may be a more convenient option.

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Ride the Monkey Monorail
Upon arrival at the park, you have the option to either walk to the park’s main area or take the monorail, known as the Sarukko Rail. The monorail provides a five-minute trip to the area where most of the monkeys gather. The round-trip monorail ticket costs 110 yen, and it is an enjoyable way to reach the heart of the park.

The World’s Biggest Monkey Troops
Mt. Takasaki is home to an estimated population of around 1,000 Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys. These monkeys are native to the area and are known for their distinctive appearance and behavior. The monkeys at Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park are divided into two troops, each consisting of approximately 400 to 700 monkeys. These troops are among the largest monkey troops in the world. The monkeys take turns visiting the park, with one troop visiting in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Get Up Close to All the Action
When the monkeys are not enjoying their meals in the park, they are free to roam and play in the mountains. Observing them as they run around, play, bask in the sun, and groom each other is a unique and captivating experience. Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park offers several walking courses that allow visitors to wander through the park and get up close to these cheeky and curious creatures. It is important to maintain a safe distance and respect their natural habitat while enjoying their presence.

Monkey Meal Delivery Service
One of the highlights of visiting Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park is witnessing the monkey meal delivery service. The monkeys are fed once every 30 minutes, and feeding time is a popular attraction at the park. Visitors can witness the monkeys gathering around for their meals, creating a lively and entertaining spectacle. The monkeys are fed wheat every 30 minutes, and they are also given sweet potatoes twice a day. It is a fascinating sight to see the monkeys eagerly awaiting their food and enjoying their meals.

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In conclusion, a visit to Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park offers a unique and unforgettable experience. The opportunity to observe and interact with wild Japanese monkeys in their natural habitat is truly remarkable. From watching the monkeys descend from the mountain to witnessing their playful behavior and enjoying the monkey meal delivery service, there is never a dull moment at this park. Whether you choose to walk or take the monorail, exploring the park and getting up close to these fascinating creatures is an adventure that should not be missed. So, plan your visit to Mt. Takasaki Wild Monkey Park and prepare to be amazed by the wild and fuzzy locals.

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