Bali's Fisherman Beach, Jimbaran Bay

Bali’s Fisherman Beach, Jimbaran Bay (Indonesia Backpacker) – if you heard a word “Jimbaran” what do you had in your mind at very first time?

Jimbaran bay is one of well known tourism spot in Bali, especially it’s sunset dinner, sound’s interesting right? I had tried it once, but not it’s sunset dinner hahaha, i come late, it was night already. But still, that was an awesome dinner with my friends, and also my first time ever dinner beside the beach. Thanks to god for given me a chance staying in this wonderful Indonesian island, Bali.

Jimbaran Bay, Fishermen Village
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Jimbaran Bay, Fisherman Village

Staying in Bali give me more time exploring this Jimbaran bay. Actually i have a project to explore all beaches in Bali, find what’s unique about it and documenting it. Just like this Jimbaran bay exploration, i found some interesting fact about it. First fact is, i don’t think most people know that this bay actually consist of three beaches. It is Kedonganan beach, Kelan beach, and Jimbaran beach it self.

The idea why i explore this bay is, because i want to know where is the Jimbaran seafood’s come from. It must be from the nearby area. In the end, not only i found the source of the seafood, and where they came from, but also i have found a nice quiet beach beside Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Unlike another public beach in Bali, the beach i found while exploring jimbaran bay is more quiet, and a better spot to enjoy sunset. Comparing to Kuta beach, which is getting crowded and more. That beach named “Kelan”, one of three beaches in Jimbaran bay, also the best one.

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The other beach is named Kedonganan, and in this beach is where most of fisherman anchored their boat, sold their fish in the fish market nearby, and start sail fishing. Not a good place to enjoy the sunset and swimming, although it is the best place in south Bali for hunting your favorite seafood.

Jimbaran beach, is the third one. I believe most of people already know about this place.Well, not the cheapest place to enjoy seafood,  but the best place to enjoy dinner by the sea. Trust me, you can found a place like this only in Bali, Indonesia.

Anyway that was short story about my adventure in finding hidden beach in Bali, i will keep update this blog when i have free time, enjoy my blog for now :). you can find photo documentation about this bay here :

Happy Adventure, Traveler!!
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