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Chibikko Kids Ninja Village

The park where ninjas go to play

Nestled in the forest at the foot of Mt. Togakushi, northwest of Nagano City, the Kids Ninja Village is a ninja theme park geared for kids and the young at heart. This unique attraction offers visitors the opportunity to live out their ninja fantasies and immerse themselves in the world of ancient Japanese warriors.

The village’s Ninja Fun House is one of the main highlights of the park. Here, visitors can experience what it’s like to be a true ninja by throwing shuriken, the traditional ninja throwing stars. With the guidance of skilled instructors, both kids and adults can learn the art of shuriken throwing and test their accuracy and precision. It’s an exciting and challenging activity that allows visitors to channel their inner ninja warrior.

Getting to the Kids Ninja Village is easy and convenient. From Nagano Station, visitors can take the number 70 or 71 bus bound for Togakushi, which will take them directly to the Togakushi-Chusha bus stop. The journey takes approximately 65 minutes, and from there, it’s just a short 15-minute walk to the ninja village. The scenic bus ride and leisurely walk through the forest add to the overall experience of visiting this unique attraction.

Once inside the Kids Ninja Village, visitors will find themselves in a martial-arts lover’s dream. The village is not to be confused with the Togakure Ninja Museum located up the road. The Kids Ninja Village is specifically designed for children and offers a wide range of hands-on activities and attractions. Billing themselves as the “Home of Ninja,” the village allows kids to don ninja outfits and engage in various ninja-themed activities.

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One of the main attractions of the village is the forested obstacle course. Kids can navigate their way through the course, which consists of ropes, balance beams, and other challenging obstacles. It’s a great way for children to test their agility and strength while having fun in a safe and controlled environment.

Another popular activity at the Kids Ninja Village is the climbing walls. Kids can challenge themselves by scaling the walls, just like real ninjas. The walls are designed to provide a fun and challenging climbing experience for visitors of all ages. It’s a great way to build strength and confidence while enjoying the thrill of reaching new heights.

For those interested in the art of shuriken throwing, the Kids Ninja Village offers a dedicated shuriken throwing course. Here, visitors can learn the proper technique of throwing shuriken and participate in friendly competitions to see who can hit the target with the most accuracy. It’s a fun and interactive activity that showcases the skills and precision of the ancient ninja warriors.

In addition to the hands-on activities, the Kids Ninja Village also hosts a variety of events and performances throughout the season. Visitors can witness a ninja water walking performance, where skilled performers demonstrate the art of walking on water. It’s a mesmerizing display of agility and grace that showcases the incredible skills of the ninja.

Combat technique demonstrations are also a regular feature at the village. Visitors can watch as trained martial artists showcase various combat techniques used by the ancient ninjas. It’s an opportunity to learn about the history and techniques of this ancient martial art form while being entertained by skilled performers.

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The village also holds a shuriken throwing contest, where visitors can put their newly acquired skills to the test. Participants compete against each other to see who can throw the shuriken with the most accuracy and precision. It’s a friendly competition that adds an element of excitement and challenge to the overall experience.

As visitors explore the Kids Ninja Village, they will also come across a shadow warrior funhouse. This funhouse is filled with secret passages, trapdoors, and other surprises that add an element of mystery and excitement. Kids can navigate their way through the funhouse, discovering hidden rooms and pathways along the way. It’s a thrilling and immersive experience that adds to the overall adventure of visiting the village.

Before leaving the Kids Ninja Village, visitors have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs to commemorate their visit. A ninja headband or wristband makes for a great memento of the experience. For those looking to fully embrace their inner ninja, the village offers the option to purchase a complete ninja uniform. Visitors can truly become a “true international ninja” by donning the traditional attire and embracing the spirit of the ancient warriors.

In conclusion, the Kids Ninja Village in Nagano is a must-visit destination for anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a ninja. From the moment visitors step foot in the village, they are transported into a world of adventure and excitement. With its wide range of hands-on activities, events, and performances, the village offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors of all ages. Whether it’s throwing shuriken, navigating obstacle courses, or scaling climbing walls, there is something for everyone at the Kids Ninja Village. So, grab your ninja outfit and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the world of ancient Japanese warriors.

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