Ninja Museum of Igaryu

Ninja Museum of Igaryu

Test your ninja skills at the center for Igaryu ninjutsu

The Iga-ryu Ninja Museum is a fascinating place to explore the world of ninjas. Located in the city of Iga, just north of Iga Ueno Castle, the museum offers visitors a chance to learn about the skills, knowledge, and activities of the ninja warriors.

The history of ninjas is shrouded in mystery and legend. These highly trained warriors played a crucial role in feudal japan, carrying out missions ranging from espionage to guarding important people. Many real ninja from history hail from the remote area of Iga, where they trained in the art of ninjutsu.

One of the highlights of the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum is the opportunity to tour a real ninja house. Complete with escape routes, trapdoors, and other trickery, the ninja house is a fascinating glimpse into the secret world of these skilled warriors. Visitors can explore the various hidden compartments, secret passages, and ingenious traps that were used by ninjas to protect themselves and carry out their missions.

In addition to the ninja house, the museum also offers demonstrations of ninjutsu skills. Highly skilled performers showcase their abilities, demonstrating incredible moves and tricks that were used by ninjas in combat. Visitors can witness the agility, speed, and precision of these warriors as they perform acrobatic stunts and showcase their mastery of various weapons.

For those who want to try their hand at being a ninja, the museum provides the opportunity to participate in a shuriken throwing experience. Shuriken, also known as ninja stars, are iconic weapons used by ninjas. Visitors can learn the proper technique for throwing shuriken and test their accuracy and skill.

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The museum also features a wide range of ninja artifacts and tools on display. Over 400 ninja tools are showcased, including concealed weapons, blades, and other exciting weapons. Visitors can gain insights into the various tools and equipment used by ninjas and learn about their secret lives and knowledge.

After exploring the museum, visitors can stop by the museum shop to pick up authentic ninja gear and other ninja-themed souvenirs. From shirts and toys to costumes and tools, there is something for everyone interested in the world of ninjas.

Getting to the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum is relatively easy. If you are coming from Osaka, Kyoto, or Nagoya, you can take a train to Iga-Ueno Station on the Iga Railway. From there, it is just a 10-minute walk to the museum. Alternatively, you can take a Kintetsu train to Iga-Kambe Station, also on the Iga Railway, from Nagoya or Osaka-Namba. From Iga-Kambe Station, you can take a train to Uenoshi Station, which is located in downtown Iga.

It is important to note that the information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19. Before planning your visit, it is recommended to check the museum’s website for any updates or restrictions.

In conclusion, the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum offers a unique and immersive experience for anyone interested in the world of ninjas. From exploring a real ninja house to watching thrilling ninjutsu demonstrations, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a history buff, a martial arts enthusiast, or simply curious about the secret world of ninjas, a visit to the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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