Children’s Museum Singapore

Children’s Museum Singapore

Located in the heart of the Civic District, the Children’s Museum singapore is a place of learning and creativity. Formerly known as the Singapore Philatelic Museum, this destination has undergone a transformation to become a haven for children aged 12 and below, offering a range of activities, exhibitions, and immersive galleries.

Housed in a colonial bungalow that dates back to 1906, the museum provides a two-storey space for exploration. The first floor is dedicated to a permanent exhibition, while the second floor features special galleries and evolving exhibits.

The museum’s main objective is to foster a sense of curiosity and exploration in its young patrons and their families. It aims to combine knowledge and play, creating a unique learning experience for children. One of their main attractions is the permanent exhibition titled “A Voyage Back Through Time.” This gallery takes visitors on a time-traveling journey, starting from the pages of history and bringing them back to the present. The museum mascot, Wonderbot, accompanies visitors throughout the exhibition, adding an element of excitement and adventure.

“A Voyage Back Through Time” is divided into four distinct segments, each offering a different perspective on Singapore’s history. The first segment is an immersive theater show called “The Hidden Chamber.” Visitors are transported to a hidden chamber where they witness historical events come to life through interactive displays and audiovisual effects.

The second segment, titled “Ahoy, Singapore,” allows visitors to embark on a hands-on adventure aboard a replica of a colonial-era ship. Children can experience what it was like to be a sailor during that time, exploring different aspects of ship life and learning about navigation and maritime history.

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The third segment, “The Marketplace,” takes visitors on a trip through colonial-era Singapore. Here, they can explore a recreated marketplace, complete with traditional shops and stalls. Children can engage in role-playing activities, pretending to be merchants or customers, and learn about the economy and trade during that period.

The final segment, “My Neighbourhood,” brings visitors back to the present day. It showcases the modern aspects of Singapore, allowing children to learn about their own neighborhoods and communities. Interactive displays and multimedia presentations enable children to understand the development and diversity of Singapore’s neighborhoods.

The museum’s second floor is dedicated to three special galleries that evolve on an annual basis, making each visit a unique experience. One of these galleries is the “Happy Birthday!” exhibition, which explores the different ways that Singapore’s diverse communities celebrate birthdays. Through interactive displays and hands-on activities, children can learn about cultural traditions and customs related to birthdays.

Another gallery on the second floor is “Imagine A Garden,” which features a maze of nature-inspired paper sculptures. Children can explore the intricate sculptures and learn about the importance of nature and the environment. This gallery encourages creativity and imagination, allowing children to appreciate the beauty of nature through art.

For parents with toddlers and children aged two to four, the museum offers the idyllic Play Pen. This space is specially designed for young children to romp and play with their parents. It provides a safe and interactive environment for children to explore and develop their motor skills.

In addition to the exhibitions and galleries, the Children’s Museum Singapore also offers a variety of activities and events. From craft workshops to parent-child dances, there is always something happening at Singapore’s first-ever museum for children. The museum’s website is constantly updated with the latest events and activities, ensuring that families can plan their visit accordingly.

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Overall, the Children’s Museum Singapore is a place where learning and play come together. It provides a unique and immersive experience for children, allowing them to explore Singapore’s history, culture, and natural environment in a fun and interactive way. With its constantly evolving exhibitions and engaging activities, the museum offers a valuable educational experience for young visitors and their families.

Address And Location:

23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807

  • Operating Hours

    Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Monday)

    There are 4 entry time slots (9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm) available for booking. You are allowed 1hr 45mins per entry.

  • 23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807

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