Engetsu-jima Island

Engetsu Island (Engetsuto)

Avant-garde and romantic art installations sculpted by Mother Nature

The Shirahama coastline is home to some extraordinary art installations created by Mother Nature herself. These avant-garde sculptures are formed by the relentless waves of the Pacific Ocean, resulting in spiky and jagged cliffs known as Sandanbeki. The sight of these unique formations is truly awe-inspiring and showcases the immense power of nature. With their sharp edges and rugged appearance, they stand as a testament to the creative force that is Mother Nature.

But Mother Nature is not limited to creating avant-garde art. She also has a sensitive side, as evidenced by the romantic masterpiece she has sculpted on the island of Engetsuto. This enchanting work of art is a testament to the beauty and power of love. The island itself is an uninhabited islet standing off the coast of Shirahama. Its most prominent feature is a full moon-shaped circle in its center, eroded by the sea over time. This natural monument is a symbol of eternal love and offers a truly magical sight, especially during sunset.

How to Get There

To access the Engetsuto area, visitors can take the Meiko loop bus from Shirahama Station. The bus conveniently stops at the Rinkai (Engetsujima) bus stop, allowing easy access to this beautiful location. The bus also provides transportation to other points of interest along the coast, including Shirarahama Beach, the caves and cliffs of Sandanbeki, and the rock plateau of Senjojiki. Exploring these destinations together makes for a leisurely and fulfilling half-day trip.

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Shirarahama Beach

While visiting the Shirahama coastline, it is essential to spend some time at Shirarahama Beach. This stunning beach is open year-round, but it is officially designated for swimming only during the summer months. With its crystal-clear waters and soft, sandy shores, it is no wonder why this beach is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you choose to take a refreshing swim or simply relax on the beach, Shirarahama offers a tranquil and picturesque setting.

Sandanbeki Cliffs

The Sandanbeki cliffs are another must-visit attraction along the Shirahama coastline. These towering cliffs, shaped by centuries of erosion, create a dramatic backdrop against the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. The jagged edges and unique formations of the cliffs make them a favorite subject for photographers and artists. As you stand at the edge of the cliffs, you can feel the power and raw beauty of nature. It is a humbling experience that reminds us of our place in the world.

Senjojiki Rock Plateau

Located near Sandanbeki, the Senjojiki rock plateau is another natural wonder worth exploring. This vast expanse of flat rock formations offers panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. The name “Senjojiki” translates to “one thousand tatami mats,” referring to the sheer size of the plateau. Walking across the plateau feels like stepping into another world, with the sound of crashing waves and the salty breeze in the air. It is a place of tranquility and reflection, where you can appreciate the beauty of nature in its purest form.

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Engetsuto Island

Engetsuto Island, with its distinctive full moon shape, is a sight to behold. The eroded circle in the center of the island is a natural wonder that showcases the power of the sea. As the sun sets behind the island, casting a warm glow over the water, the beauty and romance of nature come alive. It is a moment that leaves a lasting impression on visitors, one that they will cherish forever. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a photographer, or a hopeless romantic, Engetsuto Island is a must-visit destination.

Recommended for You

In addition to the enchanting attractions of Engetsuto and Sandanbeki, there are other recommended destinations in the area. Sandanbeki, with its rugged cliffs and breathtaking views, is a photographer’s dream. The interplay between light and shadow creates a surreal atmosphere, perfect for capturing stunning images. Engetsu Island, with its unique shape and mesmerizing sunset views, is a favorite spot for couples and nature lovers. The romantic ambiance and natural beauty make it an ideal location for creating lasting memories.


The Shirahama coastline is a treasure trove of natural wonders sculpted by Mother Nature herself. From the avant-garde art installations of Sandanbeki to the romantic masterpiece of Engetsuto Island, each destination offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Whether you are drawn to the raw power of the cliffs, the serenity of the rock plateau, or the romance of the island, there is something for everyone along this picturesque coastline. So, pack your bags, hop on the Meiko loop bus, and embark on a journey to discover the beauty and artistry of Mother Nature along the Shirahama coastline.

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