Matengai Cliff

Matengai Cliff

Impressive and Jaw-Dropping Cliff Along a Stunning Stretch of Coastline

Nestled along the Kuniga coastline of Nishinoshima, an island in the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark, stands the remarkable Matengai Cliff. Rising 257 meters above the pounding surf below, this awe-inspiring cliff is a sight to behold. Sculpted through years of erosion, Matengai Cliff offers unparalleled views of the dramatic coastline and is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Located just ten kilometers from Beppu Port and five kilometers from Urago Port, Matengai Cliff is easily accessible by both car and bicycle. However, it is important to note that public transport on Nishinoshima is limited, making cycling or car rental the most convenient options for transportation. Ferries and smaller inter-island ferries dock at Beppu Port, and the tourist information office at the port can provide assistance with travel arrangements and offer advice on organized tours.

Upon reaching Matengai Cliff, visitors are greeted with scenic walking paths that run along the Kuniga coast. These paths offer a leisurely stroll with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The cliff carpark is a popular spot for sunset viewing, providing an opportunity to witness the sun’s golden rays casting a warm glow over the rugged cliffs and crashing waves below.

For the more adventurous souls, a steep 2.5-kilometer track leads from the clifftop to the shoreline below. This exhilarating hike is not for the faint of heart but promises an adrenaline-fueled experience and an up-close encounter with the raw power of nature. As you descend, the air becomes crisper, and the sound of the crashing waves grows louder, heightening the anticipation of reaching the bottom. Once at the shoreline, you can feel the spray of the ocean on your face and admire the sheer magnitude of Matengai Cliff from a different perspective.

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The view from the clifftop is nothing short of breathtaking. From this vantage point, you can see the 200-meter-high Akao Lookout a few kilometers down the coast. The Akao Lookout offers its own unique views of the coastline and is a popular spot for photographers and nature lovers. The Kuniga Coast, with its many strangely shaped rocks, is also visible from Matengai Cliff. This area serves as a pasture where horses and cows graze peacefully, creating an unusual sight in japan. The juxtaposition of the rugged cliffs, the serene pastures, and the expansive ocean creates a picturesque scene that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Nature has truly created an art gallery along the coastline of Matengai Cliff. The bay between Matengai Cliff and Akao Lookout, known as Tenjokai or Heavenly World, is a testament to the beauty and power of natural forces. The bay is adorned with multi-colored sea stacks, sea caves, and a natural arch called Tsutenkyo or Heaven’s Bridge. These natural formations have been shaped by the relentless waves and wind over countless years, resulting in a stunning display of geological wonders. Many of the rock formations are aptly named for their shape, such as Elephant Trunk Rock, Frog Rock, and Kannon Rock. Exploring this natural art gallery is like stepping into a surreal world where nature’s creativity knows no bounds.

For those who prefer a more leisurely experience, there are several tour boats that cruise the coastline, offering a different perspective of the stunning cliffs and rock formations. These tour boats operate from both Beppu and Urago ports between April and October, allowing visitors to witness the grandeur of Matengai Cliff from the comfort of a boat. The boat ride provides a unique opportunity to see the coastline from a different angle and appreciate the immensity of Matengai Cliff from the water.

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Matengai Cliff is not only a natural wonder but also a place of cultural significance. It holds a special place in the hearts of the locals, who consider it a sacred site. The cliff is steeped in folklore and legends, adding an element of mystique to its already captivating allure. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the area by learning about the stories and traditions associated with Matengai Cliff.

In conclusion, Matengai Cliff is a destination that will leave you in awe of nature’s power and beauty. Its towering presence, coupled with the stunning coastline and unique rock formations, creates a mesmerizing landscape that is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler. Whether you choose to hike to the shoreline below, walk along the scenic paths, or take a boat tour, Matengai Cliff offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed. So set aside an entire day to explore Nishinoshima and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Matengai Cliff.

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