Enjoy Hatyai, Border City of Thailand

Enjoy Hatyai, Border City of Thailand

Hatyai is a small town in southern Thailand which directly adjacent to Malaysia. There, I found many unique tourism objects and interesting sights than other place. Hatyai itself can be reached by train or bus from Malaysia.


City view from the Tang Kuan Hill Top

The unique things from Tang Kuan Hill Top are this city park located on the top of hill, and the park is located not far from the Indonesian Consulate in Songkhla where a Royal Pagoda exist.

To head up the hill visitors can use the facilities of Cable lifts so we are don’t need to spend extra energy. Ticket prices are also very affordable at 30 baht, or about 0,5 dollars. Climb a hill with a vertical lift truly a very unique thing for me.


Cable lift to climb on the top hill

Not only The Royal Pagoda, in Tang Kuan Hill Top also there are two sights that we can choose to be enjoyed, namely City View or Sea View. Yes! This city also located not far from the beach so the view is so beautiful because Samila Beach can be seen clearly, peaceful views of the city which very beautiful are also no less made ​​me fall in love with this little town.


See view; Samila Beach

Hatyai unique side that I found again is when visiting worship place. There are Guan Yin Buddhist Temple and the Golden Buddha which is also located on a hill that has a different height. The first knoll we can see a statue of the goddess Guan Yin towering by climbing some stairs. The statue is surrounded by bells big size and gold dragon fenced.


Golden Buddha

At the next hill there is a statue of Golden Buddha which is not much different from the Guan Yin Temple, there many visited some residents and tourists to pray or simply perpetuate the picture. I’m getting excited because it’s the most interesting things in this place, there is a Cable Car facility that could be used to get to the top of the hill.


Cable Car

To enjoyed the Cable Car you must pay  200bath / adult then we can enjoy a 360 ° view of Hatyai city as a whole and it was very, very beautiful. What I admire about this city is the existence of many hills and lush trees; it makes the city a comfortable and calm atmosphere.


Let’s enjoy Hatyai guys !! :)

I think the manager of Hatyai city is so clever in attracting the foreign tourists, not only presents the beauty of nature, modernization, they also keep up with technology and spiritualism. What are you waiting for, let’s enjoy this unique city !!

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Happy Adventure, Traveler!!
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