Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur

Exploring Kuala Lumpur – Hat Yai – Penang – Malaka In 5 Days

Have you ever plan to have a holiday across country? I mean, In South East Asia you can explore many countries in a few days. In this case I have been exploring Kuala Lumpur – Hat Yai – Penang – Malaka In 5 Days straight. It seem crazy, but I you want to try different experiences, then you might try what I’ve been experienced!

Day 1 : Arrived at Kuala Lumpur

Exploring Kuala Lumpur - Hatyai - Penang - Malaka In 5 Days! Unbelieveable!

Exploring Kuala Lumpur – Hatyai – Penang – Malaka In 5 Days! Unbelieveable!

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 11 Am local time (GMT +8), and then went directly into KL Central because from there we can reach many destinations of Malaysia tourism easily. The first object that I am interested is Jamek Mosque (Masjid Jamek). To get there we can go using LRT or Rapid KL. I only spent a while in Masjid Jamek. After that, while waiting for the night bus scheduled time arrive we can play long enough in Batu Caves.

We are all know that public transportation Malaysia is quite easy to use, with clear routes and guidelines you should not be afraid for getting lost. After short stop in Batu Caves, at around 9 pm we are heading the Pudu Raya (or Pudu Sentral), where there are Buses that can be take us directly to Hat Yai, the most southern city of Thailand. Before that I already bought a ticket which leaving at 11 pm. I took times before arriving in to Hat Yai, therefore during the travel time for around 10 hours we are just sleeping.

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Day 2 : Arrived at Hat Yai

Landscape Hatyai City from Tang Kuan Hill Top

Landscape Hatyai City from Tang Kuan Hill Top

At around 3 AM in the morning of local time, the bus stopped at the border country to check baggage, and off course the passports of all Bus passengers. Then around 7 morning we arrived at the last bus stop, Hat Yai. It was a nice trip, the bus facilities are good. The have a large bench and mini TV in every seat. It was also comfortable, and made passengers can sleep well.

For lodging, around downtown of Hat Yai are having a lot of choices of hostel for a backpacker. Ranging from the cheapest one and the expensive one. Just selects according how much budget you have. I got the price of 290 bath ( 11 $ ) / night with three large beds, a fan and a bathroom inside the room. Quite cheap for backpacker huh?

Biggest Sleeping Buddha

Biggest Sleeping Buddha

Mermaid Statue at Samila Beach. Hatyai

Mermaid Statue at Samila Beach. Hat Yai


Riding A Cable car in Hat Yai maybe?

For transportation around Hat Yai, you can hire an unique transport of Thailand with commonly called Tuk-Tuk to go around the city. The capacity of one Tuk-Tuk is around 6 persons or more. For other options you can rent a package of city tour at travel agents which is easyly found on the city.

I was paid around 1,200 bath ( 40 $ ) for a city tour. The tour it self take me to the Guan Yin Temple, The Golden Buddha, Cable Car, Royal Pagoda, Tang Kuan Hill Top, Slepping Buddha, Samila Beach and Mermaid Statue. For me it is value for money, or even it is very cheap?! The day after we had to checking out because the schedule the van car toward Penang was leaving at 9 am. The tickets can be easily to buy because Hat Yai is border city by malaysia. It is short stay in Hat Yai, but it was really fun!

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Day 3 : Arrived at Penang

Kapitan Keling Mosque at Chulia Street, George Town. Penang

Kapitan Keling Mosque at Chulia Street, George Town. Penang

The van from Hat Yai took us to the Terminal Bus Sungai Nibong. From this terminal we can to choose the appropriate bus to many destination in Penang. All the destination was clearly written in every bus at the terminal. I wasn’t confuse for picking the next destination.

I don’t have to buy a ticket at the counter because it can be directly paid to the driver after riding it. Our first stop in Penang is Komtar, which is an area shoping in the city of Georgetown. And then from there is a facility named Rapid Penang that we can use free to around the city. But, turned out Georgetown is very small city. So it would be better if eksploring this city only by foot.

Penang is just a quick stop for us, because we just want to a quickly exploreing the city for only one day. We’re finally only rent a small room in a backpacker homestay at Chulia Street. Lucky they are kindly enough to give us one of their room that only priced 20 RM ($ 12). We were not stay for a night in Penang, when the night come, we are heading to Malaka by bus. The ticket to Malaka from Penang could be bought around Komtar travel agents.

Day 4 : Arrived at Malaka

Melaka River when the night

Melaka River when the night

The travel time from Penang to melaka was 6 hours. We arrived in central Malaka at 7 AM in the morning. Then we continue with a Panorama Bus priced RM 1.2. Using this bus could take us to ‘Red House’ where there was a World Heritage City and also Malaka River which became the main tourism object her.

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There is a difference in homestay price between Penang and Malaka. In Malaka homestay price are ranges around RM 60 To RM 150 per night plus you must pay additional fee for the maintenance of a city about RM 2. Yes, Malaka indeed expensive but with cozy places, many nice places and good atmosphere, I think it’s quite nice destination in Malaysia. And after spending some time in Malaka, we were returning to Kuala Lumpur using a Bus from Malaka Sentral Terminal.

Day 5 : Back to Kuala Lumpur

The Twin Towers

The Twin Towers

The last of our day in Malaysia, we are spent to buy some souvenirs in the Masjid Jamek market, take a picture at twin towers and admiring the architecture of the KLCC. The thing is enjoy going around the city using the free buses. Yes, 5 days exploring Kuala Lumpur – Hat Yai – Penang – Malaka – Kuala Lumpur maybe just too fast. But for whom have so little traveling time, this was awesome! Want to try? :)

Happy Adventure, Traveler!!
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