Geibikei Boat Tour

Geibikei Gorge River Cruises

Be serenaded in style and take a boat cruise along a spectacular gorge

Geibikei Gorge is one of Iwate’s most impressive sites, offering visitors a unique and memorable experience. The best way to explore the breathtaking scenery of the gorge is by taking a boat cruise along the calm waters. This guided tour allows you to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of Geibikei while being serenaded by the drivers of Venetian-style boats. The combination of natural beauty and traditional entertainment makes for a truly unforgettable experience.

How to Get There

Geibikei Gorge is easily accessible by bus, taxi, or train from Ichinoseki Station. Ichinoseki is served by both the Tohoku Shinkansen and the Tohoku Main Line, making it convenient for travelers coming from various locations. From Ichinoseki, you can take the Ofunato Line to Geibikei Station, which takes approximately 30 minutes. Once you arrive at Geibikei Station, the gorge is just a short walk away. You can also purchase tickets for the boat ride near the gorge. Additionally, between April and November, there are direct buses available from Hiraizumi Station to Geibikei Gorge, providing another option for transportation.

Guided Boat Tours

The guided boat tours along Geibikei Gorge offer a unique and immersive experience. The flat-bottomed boats, similar to the gondolas in Venice, are propelled by men and women who skillfully navigate the waters. As you glide along the gorge, the drivers will point out famous sites and share interesting facts about the area. They will also serenade you with a traditional folk song that has been specially written for the boat tours. This enchanting musical accompaniment adds an extra touch of charm to the experience, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

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The boats stop near the end of the gorge for a short intermission, allowing passengers to stretch their legs and enjoy the surroundings. Although there are no shops in the vicinity, picnic tables and toilets are available for visitors’ convenience. It is recommended to bring snacks and drinks with you before embarking on the boat cruise. If you miss your return boat, there is no need to worry as boats run regularly, usually once an hour or once every thirty minutes during the high season.

Spectacular Scenery and Seasons

Geibikei Gorge is renowned for its picturesque scenery, which changes with the seasons. The gorge is especially stunning during autumn when the leaves change color, creating a vibrant and breathtaking landscape. This time of the year, known as koyo, attracts many visitors who come to witness the beauty of nature. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, winter at Geibikei Gorge is equally impressive. The boats are equipped with plastic roofs, and heated tables are available to keep passengers warm and comfortable during the cruise.

During the boat tour, you will have the opportunity to feed the river carp and ducks that inhabit the gorge. Special food can be purchased to interact with these friendly animals, adding an element of fun and interaction to the experience. This activity is enjoyed by both children and adults alike and adds to the overall enjoyment of the boat cruise.

A Place Where Dreams Come True

At the turning point of the gorge, there is a unique rock formation shaped like a lion’s nose. This distinctive feature is what gave Geibikei Gorge its name. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase five lucky stones for 100 yen, each representing a different aspect such as love, long life, luck, destiny, wealth, or relationships. If you manage to throw your stone or stones into the opening at the opposing cliff face across the gorge, it is believed that your dreams will come true. This tradition adds a touch of mystique and excitement to the boat tour, making it a truly memorable experience.

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Visiting Geibikei Gorge is a must for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking a unique and memorable experience. The combination of stunning scenery, traditional entertainment, and interactive activities make for an unforgettable boat cruise along the gorge. Whether you visit during the autumn foliage, the winter snow, or any other time of the year, Geibikei Gorge promises to captivate and enchant visitors with its natural beauty and cultural significance. Don’t miss the opportunity to be serenaded in style and embark on an unforgettable journey through this spectacular gorge.

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