Jozenji Street Jazz Festival

Jozenji Street Jazz Festival

Streets full of jazz and other music at one of japan‘s biggest music festivals

The Jozenji Street Jazz Festival is not just your typical jazz festival. It is a two-day extravaganza of all musical genres, where the streets of Sendai come alive with the vibrant sounds of 750 bands performing on 90 stages throughout the entire city. From jazz to rock, ska to Latin, gospel to blues, this festival has something for everyone.

Don’t Miss: A Variety of Music Performances

One of the highlights of the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival is the incredible variety of music performances. From established jazz bands to up-and-coming rock groups, from local gospel choirs to international ska bands, there is a wide range of musical talent to experience. The festival takes place not only on the streets, but also in cafes and on stages set up throughout the city. This unique setup allows festival-goers to wander from one performance to another, discovering new sounds and artists along the way.

How to Get There: Easy Access to Sendai

Getting to Sendai is easy, thanks to its convenient transportation options. You can reach Sendai by bullet train, highway bus, or plane. Once you arrive in Sendai, the festival can be found in the heart of the city and throughout its various neighborhoods. To get to the festival, simply take the Namboku Line on the Sendai subway to Kotodai-Koen Station. Upon leaving the station, you will immediately find yourself immersed in the lively atmosphere of the festival.

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Quick Facts: Professional and Amateur Musicians Unite

One of the unique aspects of the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival is the participation of both professional and amateur musicians. While renowned musicians from around the world grace the festival stages, local talent also has the opportunity to showcase their skills. This blend of experienced and emerging artists creates a diverse and dynamic musical experience for festival-goers. It is not uncommon to see bands from overseas, traveling from as far away as France and Sweden, sharing the stage with local performers.

Just Follow Your Ears: Explore the Festival

The Jozenji Street Jazz Festival is held on the second full weekend in September and has been a beloved event for over three decades. With nearly 700,000 visitors attending over the course of two days, it is clear that this festival has gained a reputation for its exceptional music and lively atmosphere. To navigate the festival, all you need to do is follow your ears. The stages are spread out around the city center, ensuring that the festival never feels overcrowded. Performance schedules are available online and are also handed out by volunteer staff, making it easy to plan your itinerary and catch your favorite acts.

A Place for All Music Lovers: Jazz on Jozenji-dori Street

While jazz is certainly a prominent feature of the festival, the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival offers much more than just jazz music. On Jozenji-dori street, you will find the heart of the festival, where jazz bands take center stage. However, the other stages throughout the city offer a mix of sounds and genres, catering to all music lovers. From gospel singers in the acoustic-enhancing shopping arcades to big band performances on the Kokubuncho stages, there is something for everyone.

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The night concert at Kotodai Park is a must-see event. Starting around 6 p.m. and potentially lasting until 8 p.m. or later, this concert features well-known performers headlining on the big stages. The atmosphere is electric, with the crowd eagerly chanting for encores. It is a truly unforgettable experience that showcases the incredible talent and energy of the festival.

Recommended for You: Other Festivals and Events

If you are a fan of music festivals, there are other events in Japan that you might want to check out. One such event is the Sendai Pageant of Starlight, a stunning illumination festival that takes place in Sendai during the winter season. This festival transforms the city into a magical wonderland, with thousands of lights illuminating the streets and landmarks. It is a visual spectacle that is sure to enchant visitors of all ages.

Another festival to consider is the Tokyo Jazz Festival, which attracts jazz enthusiasts from around the world. This annual event showcases both local and international jazz artists, providing a platform for the genre to thrive and evolve. With performances held in various venues across Tokyo, this festival offers a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant jazz scene in Japan’s capital city.

In Conclusion: A Celebration of Music

The Jozenji Street Jazz Festival is a celebration of music in all its forms. From the lively streets full of jazz to the diverse range of genres on display, this festival is a testament to the power of music to bring people together. Whether you are a fan of jazz, rock, ska, or any other genre, you will find something to love at this festival. So pack your bags, follow your ears, and immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival.

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