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Entertainment, island getaways, and international connections are all part of the vibrant atmosphere at Hakata Port International Terminal in Fukuoka. Located alongside Fukuoka Airport and Hakata Station, this bustling transit hub serves as a gateway to both domestic and international travel. With its connections to nearby islands such as Iki, Tsushima, and the Goto Islands, as well as the South Korean city of Busan, Hakata Port International Terminal offers a range of attractions and facilities for travelers.

One of the main features of the area is the Fukuoka International Centre, which hosts various events and conferences. Located within a 5-15 minute walk from the International Terminal, this facility has welcomed world-famous artists and hosted world championships in indoor sports. Additionally, the International Conference Centre and Marine Messe Fukuoka are also nearby, providing ample opportunities for MICE-related activities.

For those looking for leisure activities, there are several attractions in the vicinity of Hakata Port International Terminal. Namiha no Yu, a large and modern hot spring complex, is a popular spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. Situated next to the ferry terminal, this hot spring offers a convenient escape for travelers who have just arrived or are waiting for their next journey. The Hakata Port Tower, a rival viewing platform to Fukuoka Tower, provides stunning nighttime views of the city and is free to enter. Visitors can also plan island escapes by catching a ferry to one of Kyushu’s stunning islands, or visit Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, which can be reached by a municipal ferry from Bayside Place to Saitozaki Tosenjo ferry port in just 15 minutes.

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Getting to Hakata Port International Terminal is relatively easy. The general Hakata Port area is accessible by bus, with buses #99 and #46 departing every 10-20 minutes from Hakata Station to Hakata Pier (Bayside Place Hakata, Domestic Terminal). From Tenjin, bus #90 departs every 10-30 minutes. For the Port of Hakata International Terminal, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) buses depart every 15 minutes from Hakata Station, and the BRT also operates from Tenjin in addition to bus #80. The waterfront area, which includes the International Terminal and the Central Pier Cruise Centre, can be reached by a few minutes’ walk or a 15-minute walk along the seafront promenade.

Hakata Port is not just a transportation hub; it also offers various opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. Hakata Port Tower, with its fantastic views of Fukuoka City, is a must-visit attraction. The Hakata Port International Terminal area is also home to Namiha no Yu, a large hot spring complex that offers a taste of Japanese culture and relaxation just minutes away from the ferry terminal. Visitors can also enjoy the seafront promenade, where they can sit by the sea and watch the ships arriving, departing, and moored at Hakata Port.

For shopping enthusiasts, Bayside Place Hakata at Hakata Pier is a mid-size outlet mall connected to the passenger terminal. The mall features a variety of shops, many of which sell souvenirs and local Kyushu produce. Additionally, there is a small aquarium at Bayside Place Hakata, housing around 3,000 animals such as sea turtles and tropical fish.

Hakata Port International Terminal also serves as a gateway to the numerous islands to the north and west of Fukuoka. Ferries operating from the Port of Hakata Domestic Terminal are essential for delivering food to the islands and providing vital connections. These ferries offer cheap and comfortable journeys, with many overnight options available. The islands of Tsushima and Iki lie to the north of Fukuoka, while the Goto Archipelago in Nagasaki Prefecture is only an overnight ferry away.

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In terms of international connections, Hakata Port International Terminal has become increasingly important for visitors to Fukuoka. Busan, the southernmost city of South Korea, is approximately 200 km away and can be reached by a high-speed boat or ferry. Many travelers use this route to travel between the two countries. Additionally, Chuo Wharf Cruise Centre is a popular port of call for cruise ships from China, although there are no regular passenger ferry services to China.

For those interested in cultural events and sports, the Fukuoka Kokusai Center hosts Fukuoka’s Grand Sumo tournament each November. This facility is located just a few minutes’ walk from Hakata Pier. Marine Messe Fukuoka, another versatile venue, can be converted from an exhibition hall to a sports arena or a stage. It has a total capacity of 21,000 people and has hosted international artists such as Mariah Carey. The Sun Palace, located next to Marine Messe Fukuoka, is one of the largest performance spaces in Fukuoka and has hosted renowned artists such as Jeff Beck and Ringo Starr.

For a unique sports experience, Fukuoka Boat is a sports facility located across a bridge from Hakata Pier. This facility hosts speedboat races, providing an atmosphere of noise and speed. Speedboat racing is one of the few legal sports to bet on in japan, making Fukuoka Boat a popular destination for those interested in gambling.

Overall, Hakata Port International Terminal offers a wide range of attractions and facilities for travelers. Whether you are looking for entertainment, island getaways, or international connections, this bustling transit hub in Fukuoka has something to offer. From hot springs and shopping to cultural events and sports, Hakata Port International Terminal is a vibrant destination that caters to a variety of interests. So, plan your visit and explore all that this exciting location has to offer.

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Hakata Port International Terminal 14-1 Okihama-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken

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