All About Poppies Lane Street Kuta Bali!

All About Poppies Lane Street Kuta Bali! (Indonesia Backpacker) – Popies lane is a small hallway or alley in a street which is very famous throughout the world because of its nightlife. Poppies Lane is also popular destination among backpacker and budget traveler to stay in Bali. Its cheap and clean accommodation located in the stategic location, attracting traveler from around the world. The location of Poppies Lane itself is realy close to Kuta beach, approximately 5 – 10 minute walk by foot.

I’ve stayed twice at poppies lane, the first experience i stayed in hotel which i forgot the name, but I get a price of IDR 125,000 per / night, the place is quite comfortable and there’s a pool so i can swim every time. The second one I stayed in one of hotels in Poppies Lane, named Losmen Arthawan, I pay IDR 90,000 per /night. For a very strategic place, close to the tourist center lodging rates are in this area are reasonably priced.


Keliling Poppies Lane I Dan II Kuta Bali Malam Hari Pake Grab Wheels [ Jalan Poppies Kuta Bali ]


Hotels and inn available in here commonly have facility of 2 beds, bathroom inside, standard fan or AC. Some hotels provide light breakfast in the morning. You can stay daily, weekly, or monthly. For weekly and monthly stay try asking the staff for a discount lodging. The discount can be up to 20% for one month stay.

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I think Poppies Lane is the most favorite place to visit when you came to Bali for the first time or even when you often go to Bali. In addition there is famous Kuta Beach near here (just 200 m from Poppies Lane), this place also has complete facilities, cheap and clean accommodation, Western style restaurant and affordable local food, ATM, Internet, Mini Market / 24 hours Circle K, clothing and souvenir shops that are relatively inexpensive.

This is some list of hotels in Poppies Lane I and Poppies Lane II, Bali :

Poppies lane street location is very strategic, close to Kuta Beach, Legian and Beachwalk, the newest mall in Bali

Poppies lane street location is very strategic, close to Kuta Beach, Legian and Beachwalk, the newest mall in Bali

  1. Lawalon Hotel Poppies Lane 1 +62361-757234, 765896 (info website)
  2. Losmen Cempaka Poppies Lane II +62361 754 744
  3. Cempaka II  (+62361 757750)
  4. Ronta Bungalow Gg. Ronta (+62361 754246)
  5. Losman Arthawan ( +62361 752913 ) – Poppies Lane II
  6. Dua Dara, Poppies Lane II.
  7. Fat Yogi, Poppies Lane I (+62361 751665)
  8. Sekar Bali, Poppies II, Gg Sorga
  9. Pesona Beach Inn
  10. Segara Sadhu Inn. (+62361-759909), Jl. Poppies II Gang 1 # 3A
  11. Jus Edith Bungalows (+62361-750558), Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane II
  12. Gora Beach Inn – Poppies 2, Banjar Pengabetan (+62361 – 75257 8)
  13. Palu’s Place, Poppies lane 2 Gg. Mangga  (+62361-751 694)
  14. Yunna Cottage – Jl. Pantai Kuta Gg Poppies 2 (+62361 – 753015)
  15. Tunjung Bali Inn – Poppies 2 (+62361 – 762990)
  16. Kuta Inn Poppies Lane 2, Gang Mangga No.3 (+62361 – 751694)
  17. Palm Gardens Taman Nyiur – Poppies Lane 2 (+62361 – 75219 8)
  18. Okie House – Poppies  2 ( +62361- 752081)
  19. Hotel Beneyasa II , Poppies  2 ( +62361- 754180)
  20. Mahendra – Poppies 1 Banjar Pengabetan (+62361 – 752371)
  21. Puri Agung – Poppies 1 (+62361 – 750054)
  22. Bungalows Taman Ayu – Poppies 1 (+62361 – 751855)
  23. Komala Indah – Poppies 1 No. 20 (+62361 – 751422)
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Location Map Of Poppies Lane

Peta Poppies lane

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