Seaside Momochi

Seaside Momochi

Futuristic architecture combined with a seaside location makes the Seaside Momochi area the jewel of Fukuoka’s coastline. This area is home to some of Fukuoka’s biggest tourist attractions, including the Fukuoka Tower, the PayPay Dome, and Momochihama Beach.

The Seaside Momochi area can be accessed by public transport. It is a 10 to 20-minute bus ride from Tenjin, a 30 to 40-minute bus ride from Hakata Station, or a 15 to 20-minute walk from Nishijin Station or Tojinmachi subway station.

Towering above the area is the Fukuoka Tower, which is Fukuoka City’s tallest building. It stands at a lofty 234 meters when the spire is included. The tower has three viewing decks above 100 meters, allowing for spectacular panoramic views of the city to the south and the sea to the north.

The PayPay Dome is another prominent feature of the Seaside Momochi area. It is home to the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, a very successful Japanese baseball team. The dome is an impressive stadium building with a capacity of just under 40,000 people. In fair weather, the roof of the stadium retracts, opening up the ground to the blue sky.

The area also offers a beautiful beach experience at Momochihama Beach. This stretch of white sand is as close to the city as it gets, and it is a popular spot for beach sports such as volleyball and football. It is also an excellent location for running, and there are a number of cafes and restaurants nearby that offer a great selection of ice cream. Between the beaches is the Marizon complex, which includes several smaller shops and a wedding hall.

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For those interested in history, the Fukuoka City Museum is a must-visit. It offers an insight into the history and culture of the city, with three exhibition spaces and a permanent exhibition devoted to telling the story of Fukuoka. The museum is only a short walk away from the beach, making it a convenient stop for tourists.

If you’re interested in technology and robotics, the TNC TV Building is home to Robosquare, where Fukuoka-made robots are on display. The collection includes over 250 different robots with a variety of features and functions. Visitors can witness robot demonstrations, performances, and even have hands-on experiences with some of the latest robo-tech.

For those looking for a room with a view, the Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel is a spectacular choice. Located between the dome and the tower, the hotel offers excellent dining options on its upper floors, affording breathtaking views of surrounding Fukuoka.

In addition to the attractions within the Seaside Momochi area, visitors can also enjoy the stunning views of Shikanoshima and Uminokamichi Seaside Park. Uminokamichi Seaside Park can be reached by a short, 20-minute ferry ride from the Marizon complex. Ferries leave approximately every two hours, depending on the time of year.

Overall, the Seaside Momochi area in Fukuoka offers a unique blend of futuristic architecture, stunning seaside views, and a range of attractions for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in panoramic city views, baseball games, beach activities, history, technology, or simply relaxing by the sea, this area has something for everyone.

Address And Maps Location:

2-4 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken

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