How To Get To Dreamland Beach For Surf And Swim!

How To Get To Dreamland Beach For Surf And Swim!

Looking for best Bali Beaches for holiday? Why not visiting Dreamland Beach Bali? The attractiveness of Bali is indeed the only one in the world. Especially the beauty of the beach is one of the main factors for tourists visiting the Island of the Gods. Almost every region in Bali has a beach that is a trademark. Likewise with the Pecatu area that stores exotic beaches for you to visit.

One of the beaches you can find in the Pecatu area is Dreamland Beach Bali. With big waves, Dreamland Beach Bali is quite popular among local and foreign surfers. Not to mention the exotic sunset view emitting a reddish orange light will close the day perfectly. Before, this beach is also popular as nude beach in Bali.

Not only white sand, bluish clear sea water, until the reef structure is around the beach. The location of Dreamland Beach is within the Bali Pecatu Graha complex (New Kuta Golf), so you have to pass through the resort area before you can reach the beach. Dreamland Beach also has a unique attraction, one of which is the view from the top of the hill. From here, you will be able to enjoy this stretch of white sand beach.

How To Get To Dreamland Beach For Surf And Swim!

How To Get To Dreamland Beach For Surf And Swim!

Not only that mention above, Dreamland Beach Bali have so many interesthing thing you can try and see:

Why Visiting Dreamland Beach Bali?


Pantai Dreamland Beach Bali, Makin Cakep Aja Sekarang! [ Wisata Bali ] [ Pantai Di Bali ]

Of all the beaches in the Pecatu area, Dreamland Beach Bali is one of the most popular among tourists. This is inseparable from the various attractions attached to the beach, as you can see below:

The origin of the unique name of D reamland Beach Bali

Giving the name “Dreamland Beach Bali” is not without reason. Reportedly, once in the beach area had stood a housing project and tourist attraction. The project experienced obstacles and eventually abandoned.

In fact, the residents who live near the area have high hopes that the project can run to completion. During this time, they worked as farmers and hoped to have the opportunity to pursue other jobs such as business in tourism. Because of this, finally the land around the beach is called “Dreamland” which means the land of dreams.

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Amazing view from the top of the cliff

The charm of Dreamland Beach Bali is inseparable from the presence of large coral rocks located around. Coupled with steep cliffs around the beach, it has its own characteristics. Most of the cliffs are covered with greenery which creates a nice spot to take photos.

The existence of cliffs and rocks combined with clean white sand and clear sea water makes the composition perfect for you to take photos. In addition, the position of the beach surrounded by high cliffs gives the impression of “hidden”. Therefore, this beach is suitable for you who want to relax and calm down.

Exciting activities, Things Todo at Dreamland Beach Bali

No need to be confused about what to do on Dreamland Beach Bali because there are various exciting activities that you can choose. Below are some interesting things you can do from morning to evening on this beach:

What is exciting activities, or best things todo at Dreamland Beach Bali? via @skryabina_julia

What is exciting activities, or best things todo at Dreamland Beach Bali? via @skryabina_julia

1. Surfing conquered big waves At Dreamland Bali

There is no doubt that Bali is one of the surfers’ favorite destinations. The many beaches in the region provide opportunities for surfers to hone the ability to conquer various waves. One of the beaches that become a favorite destination for surfers is Dreamland Beach Bali.

This is because the waves are quite large on this white sandy beach. In fact, some surfers say that the waves on Dreamland Beach Bali have characteristics similar to waves on Kuta Beach. Therefore, many surfers and tourists call Dreamland Beach Bali “New Kuta Beach”.

On the other hand, tourists are not advised to swim on this beach because the waves are big enough especially when the sea tides. Even so, you can still play water on the beach, build castles from sand, and take pictures.

2. Enjoy the view of the sunset

If you have plenty of time to vacation in Bali, it’s a good idea to stay longer at Dreamland Beach Bali until late evening. Reportedly, this beach is known to tourists as one of the best spots in Bali to enjoy the sunset view. Combined with views of steep cliffs and waves that hit the reef, watching the sunset on Dreamland Beach Bali will be an unforgettable experience.

To enjoy the sunset panorama, you must be at Dreamland Beach Bali around 17:00. Besides not missing the moment, you can choose the best place around the beach to watch the sunset. It is recommended, you bring a mat or mat, then sit on the beach. That way, you will be more clearly watching the sunset.

Swim, surf, and relax is few things todo in this Dreamland Bali Beach!

Swim, surf, and relax is few things todo in this Dreamland Bali Beach!

3. Relax and sunbathe on the bali best beach

Being a surfer’s favorite destination, does not mean Dreamland Beach Bali is not suitable for other tourists. There are many other interesting things you can do here besides surfing. Try walking along the beach while looking at the panorama of the beach from various angles.

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When you have satisfied the beach export, you can relax on the edge. You can hold a mat or mat so that the body is not directly exposed to sand. There are also chairs equipped with umbrellas for tourists who want to relax enjoying the beach without sun exposure.

4. Swimming in the beach

Dreamland Bali is one of beach in Bali that is good for swimming. The water is warm, not too cold. Although the wave is good for surfing, but it is not too bad for swimming too. But you should be careful, and make sure that you are able to swim.

Facilities and accommodations on Dreamland Beach Bali

While on vacation at Dreamland Beach Bali, you don’t have to worry about the facilities and accommodations available. For those who bring their own vehicles, there is a special parking area for you. Of course, in the beach area there are also public toilets that can be used to rinse the body after swimming.

Facilities and accommodations on Dreamland Beach Bali!? via @egillornm

Facilities and accommodations on Dreamland Beach Bali!? via @egillornm

The facility is also balanced with adequate accommodation. If you are not satisfied playing on Dreamland Beach Bali in a day, you can spend the night in one of the available accommodations around the beach. From guest houses to star hotels in Dreamland Beach Bali, you can choose according to your needs.

Not to forget, a row of restaurants and cafes that will spoil your stomach after being satisfied with activities on Dreamland Beach Bali. One of the most popular cafes is the New Kuta Beach Café. In fact, one of the favorite cafes in Bali is a place to take pictures of tourists.

Entrance ticket and operating hours

To enter Dreamland Beach Bali, tourists have not been charged. Especially for those who bring personal vehicles, you must prepare Rp. 5,000 for parking fees for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 15,000 for four-wheeled vehicles.

In addition, you will also be charged for the use of bathroom or toilet facilities. You have to pay IDR 5,000 to urinate, while to defecate and take a shower or rinse IDR 10,000. In case you want to rent a chair with an umbrella, you have to prepare around Rp.50,000.

Hotel Near Dreamland Beach Bali

There are many hotels that are located near Dreamland Beach Bali. Here is the list

Beach Location and how to get to Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland Beach Bali is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, Badung. To reach this beach, you can depart from the Kuta and Legian area by traveling about 1 hour drive.

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From Kuta Beach, you can travel via Jalan By Pass Nusa Dua or Jalan Selatan Utama. From Jalan Selatan Utama, you will find a fast food restaurant intersection McDonald’s, then turn west towards the Jimbaran area. After meeting the intersection, you must take the road to the left. From here, follow the road signs to Dreamland Beach Bali.

It is so easy finding the location, and how to get to Dreamland Bali Beach. via @shammara__

It is so easy finding the location, and how to get to Dreamland Bali Beach. via @shammara__

Another Tourist attractions near Dreamland Beach Bali

Before or after visiting Dreamland Beach Bali, you can visit several other famous tourist attractions in Bali. Here are two tourist attractions near Dreamland Beach Bali that you can’t miss:

There are many other tourist attraction near Dreamland Beach Bali, such as Labuan Sait Beach! via @marina.molla

There are many other tourist attraction near Dreamland Beach Bali, such as Labuan Sait Beach! via @marina.molla

1. Uluwatu Temple

The journey from Dreamland Beach Bali only takes about 25-30 minutes to the south. Uluwatu Temple is very interesting to visit because of the beautiful view of the Indian Ocean that can be seen from the top of the cliff.

Different from most other temples that are not open to the public, Uluwatu Temple is free to visit anyone. However, you must wear a long cloth and a typical Balinese waistband that has been provided by the temple manager. Inside this tourist spot, there is a footpath that makes it easy for you to walk to see the temple and scenery on the cliff.

One thing you need to pay attention to is the monkeys that roam the Uluwatu Temple. To avoid things that are not desirable, it helps you not to bring food and use items that attract the attention of monkeys such as hats and glasses. If you really need these items, try not to walk or be too close to apes.

If you really intend to Uluwatu Temple, you should come at 17:00 to be able to watch the sunset moment. Pura, which is known as one of the best sunset spots in Bali, will certainly provide a memorable experience for you.

2. GWK Cultural Park

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park or what is often called GWK Culture Park is one of the tourist attractions in Bali that is rarely deserted. In this place, you will find a statue of GWK made by a famous sculptor named I Nyoman Nuarta. Since the beginning of the construction, the statue of GWK is planned to be built with a height of 126 meters and a width of 60 meters.

Until now, the construction of the GWK statue has not been completed and its height still reaches 20 meters. However, this did not necessarily discourage many people from coming to GWK Culture Park and witnessing the magnificence of the statue of Lord Vishnu, as well as the statue of Garuda Kencana which is still in the development stage.

At GWK Culture Park, there is also an amphitheater for Balinese dance routines. This performance usually takes place at 11:00 – 15:30, with a duration of 30 minutes and a 30-minute break. For example, the show takes place at 11:00 – 11:30, then breaks, and will resume at 12:00 – 12:30.

With its various attractions and a location close to several famous tourist attractions, Dreamland Beach Bali can be the best tourist destination when you are on vacation in Bali. When visiting this beach along with two other famous tourist attractions in Bali, make sure you bring sunscreen, glasses and hats because the weather is sometimes very hot.

3. Labuan Sait Beach

Labuan Sait Beach is also as Padang Padang Beach Bali, it is only 11 kilometers from Dreamland beach. So i is really near if you want to visit this beach too.