Been to Karma Kandara Beach Bali?

Karma Kandara Beach Bali Complete Guide!

Been to Karma Kandara Beach Bali? Well, going on vacation to Bali without visiting the beaches would feel like something was missing. Because there are so many beautiful beaches that lie along the coast of Bali that you can’t miss. One of them is Bali Karma Kandara Beach. From the name alone it is very beautiful, what about the appearance of the beach?

Karma Kandara Beach Bali is a private beach or a special beach. Private because the beach is only for guests staying at Karma Kandara Resort and Villas. No wonder the Karma Kandara Beach Bali is considered the most expensive beach for the entrance fee. But the entry price is expensive, quite equivalent to the beauty it has.

Because this place and location are privacy which is more value than this tourist attraction, then those who just want to sunbathe while lazing just do not need to be disturbed by the bustle activities of people passing by selling. For those who are honeymooners, visiting Karma Kandara Beach Bali is a romantic choice for newly married couples.

Many who stay and visit on this beach are dominated by foreign tourists. Maybe it’s because it’s hidden and more privacy, so tourists are safer and more comfortable here. So don’t be surprised if the situation here is very quiet and quiet when compared to other beaches in Bali.

Seeing a stunning stretch of white sand, crystal clear sea water certainly immediately invites you to try the sensation of swimming in Karma Kandara Beach Bali. The beach is shallow and the water is very clear, so snorkeling is perfect to do as much as you like here. But don’t forget, you have to bring snorkeling equipment from home because there are no snorkeling equipment rentals in this place.

Been to Karma Kandara Beach Bali?

Been to Karma Kandara Beach Bali?

What’s interesting at Karma Kandara Beach Bali

Karma Kandara Beach Bali is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is classified as very beautiful, the beauty is not only white sand beaches and offers spectacular sea views with high hill cliffs that limit it. Its hidden location and not many visitors make it special, a beautiful place to chat, relax or relax, keep away from getting calm. Those of you who are familiar with the city crowd or tourist attractions such as Kuta or Tanjung Benoa beaches, can be at Karma Kandara will make you chuckle in awe and feel special.

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This Karma Kandara Beach Bali is a Hidden Beach in Bali which is still deserted by visitors until now, hidden beach like Karma Kandara is certainly reflected in its calm atmosphere with its hidden location, besides that it treats its spectacular beaches with clear sea water so you can swim and snorkel to the maximum here, other than that visitors are not bothered by street vendors or massage services that are usually offered.

The white sand beach is always clean because the Karma Kandara Beach Bali is managed by local resorts that always maintain the cleanliness of the beach. Indeed, this beach is a private beach of Karma Kandara Villa, however other visitors can still visit here, but cannot use facilities such as long chairs and beach umbrellas, even though you are not a guest of the hotel you can still use the facilities, if you visit the object This tour is paid way, not through the stairs on the location.

What's interesting at Karma Kandara Beach Bali! via @thebalibible

What’s interesting at Karma Kandara Beach Bali! via @thebalibible

Swimming and snorkeling or even sunbathing for foreign tourists is the most popular activity here, because the water is clear, the beach is also sloping and shallow so it is not dangerous for visitors to do the activity, the clear water makes it easier to see the beauty of coral reefs and the fish are diverse, if you want to snorkel bring your own tools because there is no rental here. Other activities that you can do are of course relaxing and lazing on the beach watching the natural panorama of the sea surrounded by cliffs of beautiful hills while feeling the serenity that is served.

Every corner offers beauty, so it is worthy of being named the hidden and most beautiful beach in Bali. In addition to white sand, clear water, clean beaches and beautiful cliffs of hills, also around the beach there is a natural pool. This pool is formed due to overdrafts of rocks, the unique thing is that the waves that are not too big have broken in the middle of the beach that hit the rock, so the water flows slowly into the natural pool, so you can freely swim without being disturbed by the waves crashing.

This hidden beach in Bali, Karma Kandara Beach Bali is suitable for doing various things! via @alex.welcometravel

This hidden beach in Bali, Karma Kandara Beach Bali is suitable for doing various things! via @alex.welcometravel

This hidden beach in Bali, is suitable for doing various things, including for children’s activities giving them the freedom to play sand or swim with parental supervision, Karma Kandara Beach Bali attractions are beautiful with their charming charm, away from the crowds so they are free from pollution, makes your body and mind fresh again, a special place unlike most other places in Bali. Karma Kandara Beach Bali is still dominated by foreign visitors staying at Karma Kandara Hotel and Banyan Tree Ungasan which is located on a cliff around the beach location.

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Location of Karma Kandara Beach Bali

Located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, this tourist location can be reached in around 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport or about 27 km from Denpasar city. This beach was once known as Nammos Beach, but since Karma Kandara Resort and Villas was established, it is now better known as Karma Kandara Beach Bali.

Location of Karma Kandara Beach Bali! via @eat_sleep_travel_dive

Location of Karma Kandara Beach Bali! via @eat_sleep_travel_dive

How to go to Karma Kandara Beach Bali

To go to Karma Kandara Beach Bali, there are some various ways. You can join a tour package in Bali provided by a number of travel agents. or you can rent a car in Bali by packing it to visit other tourist attractions, such as the Pandawa beach, GWK and also Uluwatu.

If you rent a car in Bali by driving it yourself without a driver, then travel from Denpasar around 27km or from the airport about 30 minutes by car. Take the route to the direction to Uluwatu, after the GWK tourist attraction crosses the intersection that leads to Balangan beach, the road continues to follow the Uluwatu highway, about 1 km before the gateway to Dreamland beach, then you meet with the referrer who leads to the Karma Kandara hotel and De Mare restaurant, then turn left follow the instructions to get to the place.

How to go to Karma Kandara Beach Bali! via @aashnabanaik

How to go to Karma Kandara Beach Bali! via @aashnabanaik

Look for directions to the De Mare restaurant, from the front parking lot of the temple or the restaurant’s doorstep you can already see the beauty of Karma Kandara beach, if you want to go to the beach with an easy way and no need to report, then go in and park at the restaurant De Mare, because from this restaurant, you can take you with an elevator (inclinator) to the beach lips directly at a cost of Rp. 250,000, with the calculation of the rental fee of Rp. 150,000 and Rp. 100,000 for food and beverage depots.

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Alternatively you can walk, climb nearly 350 steps, pass a narrow alley or alley between the walls of the temple and restaurant De Mare, then direct you up the stairs after the stairs. For adventure lovers, of course this alternative is better, along the way can see beautiful scenery under the cliffs and sometimes a number of wild monkeys are seen hanging between trees, once you arrive at the end of the stairs you will be greeted by a stretch of white sand and beautiful views of the sea Karma Kandara Beach Bali .

Entrance Fee for Karma Kandara Beach Bali

Entrance Fee for Karma Kandara Beach Bali! via @adamgrant3005

Entrance Fee for Karma Kandara Beach Bali! via @adamgrant3005

To be able to enjoy the natural beauty at Karma Kandara Beach, the traveler must pay IDR 250,000. Rp100,000.00 is to pay for food and beverage facilities provided by the hotel. By using an elevator (escalator), visitors are escorted to the beach. The elevator is used as a means to go down the hill, because this beautiful beach is located behind a steep hill. You can also go to Karma Kandara Beach Bali for free by passing the stairs to the beach.

For those who prefer to walk down the cliff, you have to be extra careful and prepare physically strong. Because almost 350 stairs you have to climb, pass the alley and narrow alley between the temple wall and De Mare Restaurant to Karma Kandara Beach. An adventurous person would like to pass this path. And of course through this road free is free of charge.