Enjoy Adventure In Caldera Rafting and Outbound Sukabumi

Enjoy Adventure In Caldera Rafting and Outbound Sukabumi

Many people maybe not too comfortable traveling during the rainy season. Especially for the destination that need to cross the sea should be temporarily avoided, weather can be worse anytime at the sea. But, how about rafting?! Wether it is rainy or not, we will remain wet while rafting isn’t it ?!

Because of that, finally I decide to visit Caldera Rafting and Outbound in Sukabumi. Yes! Caldera is a resort which is very convenient with their facilities like a huts or cottages. The main activities in Caldera Rafting and Outbound are rafting, flying fox, paintball, camping ground, outbound etc. And on that day, after rafting another activities that made me interested to try is flying fox!

Homestay of Caldera Resort


This place so good to bring a lot of family to vacation

The reservation procedure is very easy. You can book directly to nearest branch office located in Central Jakarta, or you just needs to call them directly by phone. That’s it! After that, they will send the requirements, location map, list of insurance and information about the equipment that must be bring during the activities via e-mail. Then, we just need to send back confirmation letter to the staff. Yiha, let’s start the adventure!!

Going to Caldera Rafting and Outbound in Sukabumi is a bit though. Well, this is indonesia where transportation is somewhat full of problem. I start from Bogor using Commuter Line, and it is available every one hour. And so less than two hours from Jakarta, we have arrived in the city of Rain, Bogor.

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I head to Baranangsiang bus terminal using MGI bus with the route Bogor-Surade then stop at Cikidang. From there we had to use public transport no. 036 which Cikidang Cibadak route, usually the drivers are willing to bring us direct to the resort.

That’s the way to Caldera Rafting and Outbound in Sukabumi if you prefer public transportation. There is another easy way to get there if you have driving liscense. You may rent a car, and drive directly by your own. It may bit pricey, but if you going there with many friends, renting car would be better.


Don’t forget to bring warm jacket or sweater!


So comfortable is’nt it?!

Each visitor will be accompanied by one guide that will help if there is something needed. I am so glad because they are all very friendly. At the resort we do not have to worry about food or get our stomach starve. Because they provide meals three times a day. Also snacks will be routinely delivered by the staff directly to the cottage. I and my friends is only 4 people, and I felt that the portion is just too much.


All menu and snack which they bring to us


middle room


Main room, there are 4 single beds


Stairs to go to the room

Finally we tried to rafting on Sunday morning, accompanied along Kang Heri and Mr. Adi who is a senior guide at Caldera. Our rafting package is Crocodile with total distance is about 11 KM or around 3 hours long. It should be fun! Although it turns out that rainy season like now the guide need to consider Citarik water flow is safe or not before decide to do rafting.

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When the Caldera guide declared safe to do rafting then we feel increasingly spirit of happiness. Caldera is really care about safety. The procedures in Caldera is, a minimum of departure for rafting should be required 2 boats. One boat for guests and the other one only for the rescue team.

So we do not need to scare to float, drown or when the boat is flip over. They have dependable rescue team behind us. In addition there is a short briefing before we start rafting. Also the experienced rescue team will be not too far from our boat.


Finally, we are Raft !!

2 (2)

Don’t forget to say helo to the camera!!


Rafting equipment

Last, don’t be afraid to not having any pictures, because in some places there are photographers who are ready taking our pictures. So we just need to see the results in the photo studio is located in the resort. If you want, you can directly print the result. Rafting make my hand feels tired, but it doesn’t prevent me trying flying fox. With total height of 30 meters above the surface of the Citarik river, it should pump up my adrenaline.

Okay, smiliar as rafting, flying fox are also make me so addicted. It looks like that I will be back again to stay longer here. Because I felt that the service atCaldera Rafting and Outbound  is very good for a resort. How about you? Want to try rafting?

Happy Adventure, Traveler!!
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