#Backpackmoon: Lembongan Gems (Day 1)

#Backpackmoon: Lembongan Gems (Day 1)

Our Fast Boat Cruises do not yet move closer to the floating dock or Pontoon perfectly, but I’ve made speechless by the view of the island which is still include the island of Bali. This small island is not included in my wish list to be the place to visit before I die, but it’s so Amazing! Okay let me regret because missed it at once feel lucky and happy because in the end fate has brought me to one of the ‘jewels’ in this country, Nusa Lembongan.

You can reach from Sanur beach about 30 minutes to be here. The water is so clear to make everyone can see a very beautiful sea floor, carefully to determine where the line between the sea and the horizon, because the same blue between sky and water make eye could not find where the limit. My foot do not tread the mainland, but I was ready to fall in love with the village where we were headed, Jungut Batu Village.

a view from our boat

A view from our boat


All in here is so blue ;’)


One of resort view

If we compared with Gili Trawangan, Nusa Lembongan Island more spacious and quiet. But actually Lembongan are largely a mangrove forest, so does not take too much time to be explored this island. We found a lot foreign tourists go alone with a rent bike, without a helmet and feeling awkward. Lembongan still like his brothers that is Bali which is so easy to hypnotize all hearts, including two loving hearts as we both :p


We can see the Mt. Agung

Jungut Batu Village is a village in Nusa Lembongan which visited by many backpacker world, in addition the location is closer with the beach, this village also has a cheaper homestay for turist. Do not equate this island development with Bali, on two villages were we only found one ATM machine that says locals frequent blackouts. And we who does not have a cash manoey eventually follow the way that it is common practice for thetourists, that is swipe-card cash credit on Money Changer.


Nusa Lembogan has many villages that produce seaweed

But Lembongan remains very comfortable, not noisy like Bali today. All corners in this island very adorable for me, I hope you also agree because in here I do not relize that sun was burning my skin so much. In this island my eyesalways be treated to the reflection of blue, looked everywhere all blue, yuph!! Nusa Lembongan like a blue gems :)


All Facilities from Exotic Inn

When arrived and were walking to find a place to stay, the old man come to us and over a someplace. So we followed him then arrive at a homestay called Exotic Inn. The place is quite comfortable, not too far from the coast so we said yes and got the price Idr 175K / night with facilities one bed double bed, bathroom inside, warm water and of course free WIFI :)

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Lembongan very recomended for the backpacker or who want to planning long honeymoon such we have, lunch or dinner is still very affordable cost. If you want luxury style also would be  possible because of the many resorts you can find there, even if someday we have a chance to come back we would like to try the resort here.


Sunset view from Jungut Batu Village


Some of Golden Hours

Today we closed with enjoying the sunset that makes anyone not willing to miss it before it gets completely dark. Again, Nusa Lembongan give us one more reason to return. Even I immediately remember the family and my other travelmates to invite them to enjoy this one hidden paradise. Please wait for our new post about Nusa Lembongan for the next day on this blog. :’)

Happy Adventure, Traveler!!
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