Emergency Beach for Jakarta People

Emergency Beach for Jakarta People

If I face a very busy weekend either in the office or on campus, of course that situation is making me want to do a short trip. With the destination which is close but still in an interesting place. Fortunately the Untung Jawa Island, I call this alternative beach because Untung Jawa is most nearest beach from my house that can be taken less than 2 hours, and very quite able to treat me when i am so miss to escape.

From my house which is on the border of Jakarta-Tangerang can be reached with one hour by motorcycle to the beach of Tanjung Pasir, this is beach too but the coast is also no longer attractive because of pollution.

Therefore now Tanjung Pasir no longer be enjoyed and switch functions as a dock that can take visitors to the Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu). The closest island destinations named Untung Jawa. Travel time to cross using the fast boat about 15 minutes. but be careful because the ships are often filled with extreme loads or exceeds the passenger capacity. My last boat price crossed IDR 25,000 / person for a return, we just need to remember what the name of the boat which we used when depart, than we will back with the same boat.

Wonderfull beach destination, also the nearest one to the capital of Indonesia, perfected by the end of the week. It is definitely full of local tourists, including the people on the Untung Jawa Island.

Beautiful beach near Jakarta? Can't you believe it?
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Beautiful beach near Jakarta? Can’t you believe it?

There are 3 access that can be taken to get to this island, from Muara Kamal Cengkareng, Marina Bay Ancol and Tanjung Pasir which is closer to my house. When arriving at the dock we can directly find the excitement of the local tourist, both adults and children who were enjoying the water attractions that are available. Such as snorkeling, Banana boat and many more.

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Iv’e been visit almost 3 times I to this island. Whether with family, friends and even my boyfriend. Earlier arrival as curious and want to find a spot that is not so crowded place, I finally found a place that was behind of the island, still quiet, beautiful and most importantly be able to calm the mind.

If you want to get the color of sea water that I have get, consider the time of your arrival. Because the island location, which is not too far from Jakarta, sometime will resulting dark color and will be murky water when entering the rainy season. So it is better to visit the dry season so as to cross by litlle boat more secure and comfortable.

Small ships which can be we used to across Untung Jawa Island are always standby at the dock Tanjung Pasir, without having to wait for the scheduled departure time. It’s good to across maximum 05.00 pm. Happy tanned !!

Happy Adventure, Traveler!!
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