Unforgettable Moment, Six Hours in Yogyakarta

Unforgettable Moment, Six Hours in Yogyakarta

Idbackpacker.com (Indonesia Backpacker) – Yogyakarta, January 21 2012. It was only six hour, i spent time chilling in Yogyakarta. But still, it was very exciting experience for me.

Six hours only, time that I had for transiting in this city of Gudeg. After a long journey from Denpasar and before continuing by train to Bandung. I had two initial destination to visit in this town, before I was forced to take it out from my list.

The first is Keraton Yogjakarta (Sultan palace), it closed already when I just arrived at Giwangan bus station. The second one was Prambanan temple, event though i might still managed to visit it, but It would definitely need more time. Given the congestion of the city and due to the long weekend holiday. I will certainly miss the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of Malioboro street atmosphere if i visit Prambanan temple.

Spending 6 hour transit time in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Malioboro street deffinitely became my first choice. It’s been a long time I miss the hospitality atmosphere of Malioboro Street, which is also one main characteristic of this city of gudeg, Yogyakarta. Long weekend atmosphere making Malioboro street hustle bustle becomes increasingly felt, especially when it is adjacent to the celebration of Chinese New Year. It automatically add diversity and uniqueness of Malioboro Street.

Anarchy are not allowed in Yogyakarta! This is peace city! Shop and try its culinary instead.

Anarchy are not allowed in Yogyakarta! This is peace city! Shop and try its culinary instead.

Handicrafts and art objects always be the main attraction of this road, especially for shopping lovers. The search of unique items and quality art can be a challenge. I myself were wandering around of stores along Malioboro to find a batik patterned bed cover. It’s quite difficult to find the right one, it was for my sister. But ultimately the choice fell on the cheap and good quality bed cover.

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Not only handicrafts that can be found along Malioboro street. For the culinary lover, there are many different types of foods that are ready to satisfy your stomach. Ranging from snacks to Yogjakarta’s original food “Gudeg“. The food price are varies, ranging from street vendors to fine dining are readily available, just adjust your budgets. In my opinion, the best way to enjoy Yogyakarta culinary is by “ngemper / ngleseh” in Lesehan along Malioboro’s road. “ngemper or ngleseh” mean sitting inside “warung” that available alongside Malioboro’s pavement while enjoying Malioboro’s hustle bustle. Trust me, you only can found this kind of thing in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

"Ngemper or Ngleseh" and try Yogyakarta's original cuisine.

“Ngemper or Ngleseh” and try Yogyakarta’s original cuisine

Moving from Malioboro street, there are many interesting places that can be visited. Such as Beringharjo market, an attractive place for antique stuff hunters. Loji regions, have Vredeburg Fort museum, it is also an interesting places to visit, while learning about it’s history. And still many more, unfortunately I only had 6 hours wandering around in this city.

Six hours was too short enjoying the diversity offered by Yogyakarta. But because I had to continue the journey to the capital, Jakarta, Indonesia. I should end my little adventure in the city, and finally Tugu train station end this little adventure. “I will definitely come back to this city, for the adventure again” I thought, just before finally Mutiara Selatan train slowly left the city of Yogjakarta.

Happy Adventure, Traveler!!
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