Unexpected Bias Tugel Beach, And Meeting My Old Friend In Bali

Unexpected Bias Tugel Beach, And Meeting My Old Friend In Bali

Unexpected Bias Tugel Beach, And Meeting My Old Friend In Bali!…. At the end of The Extreme Journey competition, I had a day spare time. Rather than spending the time gegoleran in The Pirate Bay Bali, do nothing (red : gegoleran mean doing nothing, just lying around). So I prefer to contact my old friends who are still many of them staying in Bali. In short, this time I need help from them to not getting bored. Because I’ve been in Bali but doing nothing is just not my style.

My friend agreed to pick me up, after I sent a short message to one of them in Bali. Actually a few days earlier I also had contacted them. However, because there is no certainty of my spare time or even I am not arriving in Bali in time. I asking them for help to plan any plan right before the competition properly finished. Eventually one of my friends was picked me up but I still do not know the destination yet.

In the end, there is one hidden beach in Bali which i had not visit before (Later I found the name of the beach is Bias Tugel Beach). Actually almost every beach in Bali already cannot be called again as hidden beach.

Unexpected Bias Tugel Beach, And Meeting My Old Friend In Bali


Pantai Bias Tugel, Secret Beach Dekat Pelabuhan Padang Bai [ Wisata Bali ]


Moreover, after I wrote it in both of my book. Well, after all it seems indeed Bali could not be spent in a day, a month, or even a year though. The proof there is still the only new things like the beach that I had never visit at all. Even In fact I have already several times passing through port of Padang Bai.

The beach line is short, but everyone seem enjoying it

The beach line is short, but everyone seem enjoying it

My Journey To Bias Tugel Beach

The distance of Kuta – Padang Bai itself only takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hour commute if the traffic run smoothly. As for going to Bias Tugel Beach, the exact clue does not exist, no one knows for sure the location of the beach.

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When arrived at Padang Bai, It turns out looking for hidden beach is not too difficult. The easiest instructions to get to the beach are the port of Padang Bai itself.

That is, the first t-junction after seeing the port. After that, take to the right direction. Well, then there are two options for heading to the beach, the first by a Gulf located near the Harbor, and then continue with little trekking. While the second is to bring the bike up to the top before it went down to the beach, via a path that already exists.

The two lines actually going to meet at one point. From there, blue horizon line could look elongated which is the limit where sea and sky unite. Looking down the coconut tree looks to become one of the hallmarks of beach sand, though yet to be seen. Faint sound waves to convince us that the Bias Tugel Beach was near.

One thing special about Bias Tugel Beach, It have this Laguna

One thing special about Bias Tugel Beach, It have this Laguna

In fact the coast of Bias Tugel Beach located several steps down the cliff that is not too high. I don’t know why the coastline is still got a nickname as one of hidden beach in Bali. The reality is that many person who enjoys afternoon on the beach. Most of them are men, local and strangers, including me. There were also here there was a conversation with Bali accent and I also seen a few foreigner who are being sunbathing

Bias Tugel Beach actually is similar to beach Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach that exists in Karangasem. The different between the beaches, there is a natural pool whose size is large enough. This seems to be popular because I seen some of young peoples who spent the afternoon with their friends there. Then, there is also a mini water blow, similar as in Nusa Dua. A torrent of water is rarely seen, only the voice just sounds so creepy.

Overall, which made me interested was sitting, relaxing while enjoying a ship that passing through just not far from the beach. They are actualy saling from Lombok to Bali or vice versa. In my opinion this is most interesting indeed.

I was able to relax while enjoying the ships passing the sea, while some of my friends playing with cool sea water. This one isunexpectedly nice travel experience. Now, I am convinced that someday will surely visit the Bias Tugel Beach again with my dear ones :)

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Why Visit Bias Tugel Beach?

Your sweat and fatigue will immediately be paid up to below. The Bali Bias Tugel Beach Area is flanked by quite large rocks, so the beach is called Bias Tugel Beach.

The word “Bias” means sand, while “Tugel” means cut. This beach has a coastline that is not too long which is about 200 meters. Even so, this beach is called the whitest sand in Bali. Seawater that looks clear and the atmosphere of the beach is still quiet adds to the beauty of Bali’s Bias Tugel Beach.

Bias Tugel Beach is close to Padang Bai Harbor, so sometimes you can see the ship like this

Bias Tugel Beach is close to Padang Bai Harbor, so sometimes you can see the ship like this

Bias Tugel Beach Bali has a small lagoon located on the left side of the beach. You can swim or just soak in it. Just do not do that when the sea tides because it does not rule out the possibility that you can get carried away by the waves.

The attraction of Bali Bias Tugel Beach is that this beach has a water blow phenomenon. You just have to face the sea and look to the right, then you will find sea water that hit the reef so it looks like a fountain.

Access to Bali’s Bias Tugel Beach

Bias Tugel Beach Bali is located in Padangbai Village, Manggis District, Karangasem, Bali. From Ngurah Rai International Airport around 57 km with a travel time of 1.5 hours using a motorized vehicle.

From Denpasar around 44 km with a travel time of 1.5 hours. The beach location is quite close to Padang Bai Harbor, which is a port that is usually used for Bali-Lombok crossings.

You only have to walk about 10 minutes to arrive at the location of Bali’s Bias Tugel Beach. Entering the location, you will pass the post to pay the Rp. 2,000 parking fee for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 2,000 / person for environmental hygiene funds. The beach is managed directly by the local community. You can park the vehicle in the parking area provided.

After that you will go down the stairs to the beach area for about 10-15 minutes. Be careful when walking because the stairs to the beach are quite steep and rocky. During the walk, you will be accompanied by beautiful scenery of white sand, blue sea, and ferry boats moving from Padang Bai Harbor. You can imagine how beautiful Bali Bias Tugel Beach is when it is enjoyed directly. A bookmark will help you get to the beach area.

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Activities at Bali’s Bias Tugel Beach

This beach is suitable for family tours. Children can play sand quite safely because beach visitors are still not crowded. You can also snorkel at Bias Tugel Beach. Underwater panorama that is still natural and very beautiful is clearly visible because of the clear sea water.

You don’t need to worry because snorkeling equipment rental services are available around the beach area. The atmosphere of Bias Tugel Beach Bali which is still quiet is also suitable for those of you who want to find peace from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Besides snorkeling, you can surf or just sunbathe on the beach. For those of you who are brave enough, you can try sitting on a rock with trees behind you while enjoying a very charming natural landscape.

The blowing sea breeze also adds to your comfort while in the beach area. If the time is still long, you can visit other tours that are located close to Bias Tugel Beach Bali.

Popular tourist attractions include the Blue Lagoon beach and Labuhan Amuk. Labuhan Amuk is a water game center in Karangasem and home to Bali Odyssey Submarine.

Facilities in Bali’s Bias Tugel Beach

Facilities in the coastal area are still not many. There are no hotels or restaurants built around the beach. But you can buy small food and drinks in stalls that are still relatively simple.

The food offered is quite diverse such as fried noodles and young coconut ice. These stalls are only supported by bamboo with a roof of dried coconut leaves, quite comfortable for you to take a break.

In addition to food, there are stalls that sell Balinese fabrics that you can make souvenirs for your family or friends. The price varies depending on the size and type of fabric, ranging from 40 thousand to 70 thousand.

Some things you need to prepare before visiting Padang Bai Bias Tugel Beach include food and drinks if you and your family plan to play long enough on the beach.

Prepare a full camera or cellphone battery because there will be a lot of natural scenery which is a pity if not photographed, and make sure you come when the weather is good and the water does not install so you can enjoy the beach to the full.

Happy Adventure, Traveler!!
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