Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya: Cheapest Options by Flight, Bus, Taxi, Train, Van

Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya: Cheapest Options by Flight, Bus, Taxi, Train, Van

Thailand, with its allure as an elephant sanctuary, remains a sought-after holiday destination for global tourists. Among its many captivating cities, Bangkok and Pattaya stand out as the most frequented. Both offer an array of enthralling tourist spots to explore, with Bangkok being approximately 150 km away from Pattaya.

Renowned as the city that never sleeps, Pattaya holds a special place on Thailand’s tourist map. Gone are the days when it was solely associated with prostitution and immorality.

The city has undergone a transformation, now embodying diversity through its people, cuisine, and attractions.

Presently, Pattaya has earned a reputation as an independent city, attracting a significant number of international package tourists, families, and even Bangkok residents seeking weekend getaways and Thai national holiday retreats.

Its vibrant ambiance never fails to mesmerize the hearts of its visitors, establishing Pattaya as a truly captivating destination.

How To Get There: Exploring the Route from Bangkok to Pattaya

How To Get There: Exploring the Route from Bangkok to Pattaya

Embarking on a journey from Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, to the charming city of Pattaya offers various transportation alternatives worth considering.

Whether you opt for a taxi, a bus, or a train, each option comes with its own set of pros and cons, granting you the freedom to choose based on your preferences and requirements.

Let’s delve into these options further.

  1. Taxi: Hiring a taxi provides convenience and comfort, ensuring a direct and personalized transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya. While this option offers flexibility in terms of departure time, it may be relatively more expensive compared to other modes of transport.
  2. Bus: Taking a bus presents an economical choice for travelers seeking affordability. Several bus services operate between Bangkok and Pattaya, providing regular schedules and comfortable seating. However, it’s important to note that traffic conditions and potential delays might affect the overall travel time.
  3. Train: For those who appreciate scenic journeys, hopping on a train offers a delightful experience. Although the train ride from Bangkok to Pattaya may take longer compared to other options, it allows you to revel in the picturesque landscapes along the way. However, train schedules may be less frequent compared to buses, requiring careful planning.

In conclusion, selecting the ideal mode of transportation from Bangkok to Pattaya relies on your priorities, be it convenience, cost-effectiveness, or the desire for an enchanting travel experience.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option to make an informed decision that suits your travel preferences.

Seamless Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya: Taxi Option

When seeking a comfortable and personalized journey from Bangkok to Pattaya, opting for a taxi is the ultimate solution.

Upon arrival at the airport, you can conveniently avail yourself of a taxi service.

This mode of transport offers a more intimate experience, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free trip.

A taxi ride can accommodate a group of 3-4 individuals, providing ample space for passengers and their belongings.

While the fare may be relatively higher compared to other transportation options, the added comfort and privacy make it worthwhile.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more convenient arrangement, you can explore hotel shuttle services available through online travel applications.

By utilizing this service, you can arrange for the hotel to pick you up directly from the airport in a comfortable hotel vehicle.

This option ensures a seamless transition from the airport to your chosen accommodation, enhancing your overall travel experience.

Whether you choose a taxi or opt for the convenience of a hotel shuttle, rest assured that your journey from Bangkok to Pattaya will be a delightful one.

Embrace the comfort and convenience provided by these options, allowing you to fully enjoy your trip to this captivating destination.

Efficient Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya: Exploring the Train Option

For budget-conscious travelers, public transportation like trains or buses become viable alternatives for the journey from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Although trains are not particularly popular among tourists, they offer a cost-effective means of transportation.

The train service from Bangkok to Pattaya operates on weekdays, with a single morning schedule available.

However, it’s important to note that the seats provided are third-class, featuring wooden seats and lacking air conditioning.

As the morning heat intensifies, this may lead to discomfort during the journey.

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The train option is considered the last resort due to its slow travel time, taking approximately 3.5 hours to reach Pattaya.

Additionally, the scenic views along the way may not be particularly captivating, leaving much to be desired in terms of aesthetics.

On a positive note, weekends offer a slightly improved train experience.

The third-class carriages are replaced with air-conditioned services on Saturdays and Sundays, resulting in faster travel times of around 2.5 hours.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the weekend trains depart early in the morning, and ticket prices are higher compared to bus fares.

The train schedule comprises one morning departure from Bangkok to Pattaya and one afternoon departure from Pattaya to Bangkok.

Departures from Bangkok are facilitated at Hualamphong Station, conveniently located in the city center and easily accessible via taxi or subway.

Upon arriving at Pattaya Train Station, you may be surprised by its relatively small size, considering the city’s status as a popular tourist destination.

The single-platform station is situated a few kilometers inland from the coast.

It lacks amenities such as Wi-Fi and restaurants, and there is no public transportation available to reach the station, necessitating a taxi ride or a walk.

Important information regarding train travel to Pattaya from Bangkok: Third-class seats can only be purchased at the station on the day of travel, as pre-ordering is not possible.

These seats have no assigned seating and rely on fans for ventilation.

The fare for third-class tickets is approximately 31 Baht per person for the journey between Bangkok and Pattaya.

Weekends offer a more favorable train experience, as fully air-conditioned ‘Rapid’ trains, numbered 997 and 998, are available.

These trains offer comfortable seating and the convenience of advance reservations or on-the-spot ticket purchases at the station.

However, it’s important to note that the fares for air-conditioned second-class seats on Rapid trains between Bangkok and Pattaya are significantly higher, amounting to around 170 Baht per person.

This represents a substantial increase of up to five times the regular fare and surpasses the cost of taking a bus.

While trains provide an economical option for travel, it’s essential to consider the limitations and factors discussed above when deciding on the best mode of transportation for your journey from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Convenient and Affordable: Exploring the Bus Option from Bangkok to Pattaya

When it comes to traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya, buses offer a convenient and cost-effective choice. There are two terminals available for departure, providing flexibility based on your location.

The first option is the Mo Chit Bus Terminal located at Don Moeang Airport, while the second option is the Ekkamai Bus Terminal in Bangkok.

Mo Chit Bus Terminal Location

Ekkamai Bus Terminal Location

You’ll never have to worry about bus availability, as buses departing for Pattaya run every 30 minutes from 5 am to 10 pm.

The routes cover both Bangkok-Pattaya and Pattaya-Bangkok.

The fares charged are quite affordable, starting from approximately 150 baht per person.

For travelers heading to the east coast of Thailand, where Pattaya is situated, the Ekkamai Bus Terminal serves as the most convenient starting point.

Strategically located near the BTS station, buses from Ekkamai can whisk you away to Pattaya in just two hours.

However, it’s advisable to consider a three-hour travel time for a more realistic estimate, as these buses may occasionally detour from the main road to drop off passengers at Chonburi, Sri Racha, or Laem Chabang.

Traveling by bus from Bangkok to Pattaya not only offers affordability but also flexibility in terms of departure times.

The northern Mo Chit Terminal in Bangkok is another option, with a travel time of approximately three hours to reach Pattaya.

During the three-hour journey, you may find yourself feeling bored or hungry. It’s recommended to have breakfast or lunch before boarding the bus.

Alternatively, you can bring along some snacks or food to enjoy during the trip, adding a touch of comfort to your journey to Pattaya.

Choosing the bus option for your Bangkok to Pattaya travel ensures a pleasant and wallet-friendly experience.

With flexible departure times and a variety of bus fleets available, you can embark on your journey with ease, appreciating the convenience and affordability it offers.

Traveling from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya Made Easy

If you’ve just arrived at Thailand’s primary airport, Suvarnabhumi, and your next destination is Pattaya, there are convenient transportation options available to take you directly to Pattaya without the need to go to Bangkok’s bus terminals.

Bell Travel operates buses from the lower level of the airport near gate 8.

The buses depart every two hours between 8 am and 6 pm, providing a comfortable journey on their VIP24 buses, which offer more space compared to economy seats on airlines.

The entire trip takes approximately two hours, and upon arrival in Pattaya, passengers are dropped off at the Pattaya Northern bus station on Pattaya North Road.

Please note that tickets for the Suvarnabhumi-Pattaya bus can be purchased on the spot.

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However, due to its high popularity, it’s recommended to book in advance to secure your seat.

Advance bookings are priced at THB272.

Here’s a tip: Just next to gate 8 on the lower level of Suvarnabhumi, where the buses to Pattaya depart, you’ll find Magic Point, an affordable Thai-style canteen.

There, you can savor delicious Thai favorites such as rice with chicken (khao man gai), rice with pork leg (khao kha moo), and tom yam soup at very reasonable prices (starting from THB40 per dish), allowing you to satisfy your appetite before the journey.

For added comfort, PGS offers charter services that take you from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya with door-to-door convenience.

You can choose between a Toyota Camry for three passengers (THB1,980) or a Toyota Commuter that accommodates nine people (THB2,200).

These rates are all-inclusive, meaning there are no additional tolls, luggage fees, or drop-off charges.

Experience a hassle-free and comfortable journey from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya, ensuring a smooth start to your visit to this vibrant coastal city.

Bangkok to Pattaya Travel Options Schedule

For your journey from Bangkok to Pattaya, there are several transportation options available with varying schedules and prices. Here are the details:

Glassflower Premium Alphard:

  • Route: Any time
  • Price: $54

Bangkok Air Economy:

  • Route: 05:50 – 12:25
  • Price: $240

Thai Lion Air Economy:

  • Route: 06:05 – 14:20
  • Price: $106

Thai Smile Economy:

  • Route: 09:35 – 14:20
  • Price: $300

Roong Reuang Coach Express:

  • Route: 10:00 – 12:30
  • Price: $5

Tawanok Tour Regional 14pax:

  • Route: 12:00 – 15:16
  • Price: $7

Tawanok Tour Regional 14pax:

  • Route: 14:00 – 17:16
  • Price: $7

Roong Reuang Coach Express:

  • Route: 16:00 – 18:08
  • Price: $6

Roong Reuang Coach Express:

  • Route: 18:00 – 20:00
  • Price: $6

Bangkok Air Economy:

  • Route: 20:05 – 14:20
  • Price: $209

Please note that the schedules and prices provided are subject to change.

It is advisable to double-check with the respective transportation providers for the most accurate and up-to-date information before planning your trip.

Exploring Transportation Options in Pattaya

Exploring Transportation Options in Pattaya

When you arrive in Pattaya, there are various transportation options available to continue your journey and explore the city’s attractions.

  1. Local Transportation: Upon disembarking from the bus or train, you can hop on a songthaew, a popular mode of transportation in Pattaya. Songthaews are car-like vehicles with closed roofs and a series of iron bars. As you ride, you’ll feel a refreshing breeze. Before boarding, it’s advisable to negotiate the fare. Songthaew fares are typically affordable, starting from around 10 baht, depending on the distance you plan to travel. Songthaews are a convenient choice for exploring Pattaya’s sights. However, if you prefer more freedom, renting a motorbike, which is widely available in the area, can provide you with greater flexibility. Walking is also an option for those who enjoy strolling while sightseeing or shopping.
  2. Renting a Car: If you seek even greater comfort during your travels, renting a car is a viable option. Keep in mind that car rentals are generally more expensive than motorbike rentals. Renting a car ensures you’ll stay dry in case of rain and provides relief from the heat on hot days. Remember to possess a valid driver’s license, wear a seatbelt, and abide by the local traffic rules.

Pattaya offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

From exploring museums and experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Walking Street to immersing yourself in the vibrant ambiance of the Pattaya Floating Market, there is no shortage of things to do.

Don’t forget to spend time at the famous Pattaya Beach, where you can relax on the white sandy shores while marveling at the beauty of the blue sea, sky, and clouds.

Additionally, Pattaya is renowned for its seafood culinary delights. Indulge in fresh seafood dishes infused with zesty Thai spices, offering a tantalizing blend of sour and fresh flavors.

Whether you prefer street food or dining at restaurants, Pattaya caters to all tastes and invites you to embark on a culinary exploration.

For families visiting Bangkok and Pattaya, make sure to visit the Columbia Pictures Aquaverse, a thrilling water theme park where you can have fun splashing around with your loved ones.

Another must-visit destination is the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, a visually stunning botanical garden that promises a feast for the eyes.

In Pattaya, transportation options are plentiful, allowing you to conveniently navigate the city and embark on exciting adventures, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Navigating Pattaya: Your Transport Options

When it comes to getting around Pattaya, songthaews are the preferred choice.

These shared pickup trucks are not only affordable, with fares ranging from THB10 to THB40 depending on distance, but they also cover various routes throughout the city.

Blue songthaews offer convenient routes from the South Pattaya Road and Second Road junction to Jomtien, from Jomtien to the Dolphins roundabout in the north, and a loop along Second Road, North Pattaya, and Pattaya Beach Road.

White songthaews run along Sukhumvit Road, reaching as far as Sattahip.

Songthaews can also be hired as taxis, but it’s essential to negotiate the fare before beginning your journey.

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Motorbike taxis are a ubiquitous and cost-effective option. With the increasing traffic congestion in the city, motorbike taxis provide a practical solution for navigating through the bustling streets.

Renting a car or motorbike is another viable option, with rental shops conveniently located throughout Pattaya.

Scooter rentals typically start at THB200 per day (or THB2000 per month), while small cars like the Honda City can be rented for around THB1000.

While instances of rental scams are uncommon, it’s important to note that the police frequently conduct license checks for both cars and motorbikes.

Wearing seat belts and helmets is mandatory for your safety and compliance.

Although bicycles are becoming more visible on Pattaya roads, the chaotic traffic conditions make it neither safe nor enjoyable to cycle amidst speeding cars, tourist buses, and bikes.

Choose the transport option that best suits your needs and preferences to navigate Pattaya conveniently and explore all that this vibrant city has to offer.

Why Choose Pattaya as Your Vacation Destination?

Pattaya may have gained a notorious reputation for its red light districts and bustling nightlife, with lady bars and vibrant ladyboys seeking attention under the graceful coconut trees along Beach Road. It has long been referred to as the “City of Sin,” where individuals from less fortunate backgrounds have sought financial support from foreigners, often burdened by extensive family obligations.

However, Pattaya has evolved into a renowned tourist city in Thailand with a vibrant atmosphere that never sleeps. Whether it’s day or night, you can explore the city and indulge in various experiences. While Pattaya was previously known for its association with prostitution and vice, it has undergone a transformation, embracing a diverse range of people, culinary delights, and captivating tourist attractions. Today, it is recognized as a truly independent city, attracting a significant number of international package tourists, families, and residents of Bangkok who flock to the city on weekends and during Thai public holidays.

While Pattaya may not boast rare or unique landmarks, its festive ambiance never fails to capture the hearts of its visitors. The city offers an array of dining options, from authentic international cuisines at surprisingly affordable prices to tantalizing street food delights. Accommodation ranges from luxurious international hotel chains to simple guesthouse rooms. Pattaya showcases a harmonious blend of elegant high-rise buildings and traditional shophouses, modern shopping malls, entertainment centers, and vibrant night markets.

Furthermore, Pattaya provides access to nearby islands that transport you to idyllic island paradises, adding to the allure of this destination. Additionally, a growing number of family-oriented attractions cater to a wide range of interests, cementing Pattaya’s status as one of Thailand’s most popular vacation spots.

Embrace the lively charm of Pattaya, immerse yourself in its diverse offerings, and discover why it continues to captivate travelers seeking a memorable and enjoyable getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions: Bangkok to Pattaya

Get answers to commonly asked questions about traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Find information on transportation options, travel durations, and more. Plan your journey with ease and convenience.

Q: What is the most affordable way to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya?

A: The most affordable way to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya is by bus, with prices ranging from $5 to $9. The journey takes approximately 2 hours.

Q: Which mode of transportation is the fastest from Bangkok to Pattaya?

A: The quickest way to reach Pattaya from Bangkok is by taxi, taking about 1 hour and 29 minutes. The estimated cost for a taxi ride is $40 to $50.

Q: Are there direct buses between Bangkok and Pattaya?

A: Yes, there are direct buses that operate between Bangkok (Ekkamai) and Pattaya Bus Terminal. The buses run hourly, every day, and the journey duration is approximately 2 hours.

Q: Are there direct trains between Bangkok and Pattaya?

A: No, there are no direct trains from Bangkok to Pattaya. However, you can take a train from Phaya Thai to Lat Krabang and then transfer to a train heading to Pattaya. The total travel time, including transfers, is around 3 hours and 49 minutes.

Q: How far is the distance between Bangkok and Pattaya?

A: The distance between Bangkok and Pattaya is approximately 100 km, with a road distance of 148.3 km.

Q: What are the options for traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya without a car?

A: The most convenient option for traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya without a car is by bus. Buses offer a travel time of around 2 hours and cost between $5 and $9.

Q: How long does it take to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya?

A: The bus journey from Bangkok (Ekkamai) to Pattaya Bus Terminal takes approximately 2 hours, including transfers. Buses operate on an hourly schedule.

Q: Where can I catch the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya?

A: The buses from Bangkok to Pattaya depart from Bangkok Ekkamai station, operated by Roong Reuang Coach.

Q: Where can I catch the train from Bangkok to Pattaya?

A: To catch a train from Bangkok to Pattaya, you need to first take a train from Phaya Thai to Lat Krabang. From there, you can transfer to a train heading to Pattaya, operated by the State Railway of Thailand.

Q: Should I take a train or a bus from Bangkok to Pattaya?

A: The most recommended option is to take a bus from Bangkok to Pattaya, as it offers a shorter travel time of around 2 hours and is relatively affordable, costing between $5 and $9. However, if you prefer the train experience, you can choose to travel by train, which takes approximately 3 hours and 49 minutes and costs between $2 and $45.